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To achieve great performance, you need the right data, the right insights, and the right experts in your corner. Our Customer Service Advisory team is here to help. When you subscribe to the J.D. Power Center of Excellence (COE) program, you’re enlisting our team of experts, exclusive cross-industry benchmarks, and library of best practices to help you succeed.

The J.D. Power Center of Excellence

Our Center of Excellence (COE) model brings together 3 fundamentals to help you recognize performance gaps and prioritize and implement improvement efforts:

  • We collect customer experience and operational data to level set on where you stand internally and against cross-industry benchmarks.
  • We then analyze the data to prioritize which gaps to focus on for maximum improvement with the least amount of cost.
  • Finally, we provide expert guidance on implementation of improvement efforts as well as advice both from J.D. Power customer service experts and from top performers through networking opportunities and thought leadership.

Behind The Center of Excellence

Leverage cross-industry benchmarks, top-performers data and J.D. Power experts to transform your business. Over eight industries covered including automotive, banking & payments, insurance, utilities, travel, healthcare, wealth & lending and TMT.


Customer Satisfaction Studies Comprise Our Benchmarks


Top-Performing Contact Centers Researched To Build Our Operational Best Practices


Operational Best Practices Available


Categories Of Operational Best Practices On Our Scorecard

Why do you need an external, cross-industry measure of satisfaction?


When it comes to customer service, your customers aren’t only comparing you to past experiences with your company or even just to companies within your industry. They’re comparing you to experiences they’ve had with any organization they’ve interacted with. There is no doubt that you have a great internal team focused on providing the outstanding experience your customers expect. Our goal is to provide them with the cross industry benchmarks, best practices, and research tools they need to accelerate strategic improvement efforts. 

  • Which companies are delivering best-in-class customer service?
  • What are they doing?
  • How does your performance measure up?

Our Centers of Excellence are here to help you uncover your gaps to great customer service and prioritize which to address. Contact us to get started now


If your team has struggled with the shift to the work-at-home customer service environment, OR if you’re looking for best practices for managing a hybrid work-at-home and physical office operation, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Work-at-Home Excellence suite of solutions and let us know how we can best help you achieve your work-at-home goals.

Work at Home

Solving your customer service challenges relies on having the right customer service data. To ensure you have a full breadth of VoC data to help you explore and pinpoint areas needing attention in your organization, we are pleased to bring you the J.D. Power Conversation Analyzer. If you’re struggling with understanding and leveraging the rich insights from your voice and chat conversations, we invite you to learn more about how the Conversation Analyzer can help. 

What does it take to have a certified customer service program?

J.D. Power certification programs are rigorous, designed to help drive continuous improvement across an organization’s service channels. The programs directly address the performance your customers and management value most, offering meaningful recognition by a trusted, credible source to boost awareness, sales, and profits. View All Certified Customer Service Organizations

Experts You Can Count On

J.D. Power Michael Vermillion
Michael Vermillion
Vice President and GM
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Mark Miller
Mark Miller
Practice Leader, Customer Service Advisory
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Scott Killingsworth
Scott Killingsworth
Director, Customer Service Advisory
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Rich Bongiorno
Rich Bongiorno
Managing Director, Customer Service Advisory
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