Speech-To-Text Analytics

Best-In-Class, Real-Time Machine Learning and Text Analytics Solution

Classify transcribed audio in the same way a person would listen to a call or audio recording. This highly scalable solution categorizes and scores calls to identify call types, call ends, customer intent, agent performance, and compliance risks.

The manual effort needed to analyze voice recordings is extremely labor intensive, time consuming and the costs are prohibitive.

Call and call recordings to call centers and businesses are a major source of customer interaction data and feedback. Storing recorded audio is not the most efficient way to harness business intelligence from customer conversations. Manually monitoring each call is an arduous task, as a person has to listen to each recording in its entirety.

EpiAnalytics speech-to-text analytics automates call monitoring and scoring. Our solutions notify businesses when important sales opportunities occur in a call and can determine whether an appointment was set or whether a call ended without an appointment.

The Benefits of Automated Speech-To-Text Analytics

Contact center managers and Quality Assurance personnel rely on EpiAnalytics to make better, more informed decisions validated through customer interactions. Now you can leverage our industry-specific classifications so you can hit the ground running. Maximize every customer interaction for:


  • Transform Voice of the Customer / Employee

  • ID Drivers of Customer Dissatisfaction

  • Perform Sentiment and Satisfaction Analysis

  • Re-engage Unhappy Customers

  • Monitor Campaign Performance

  • Quickly Perform Research and Analysis


  • Identify Agent Training Opportunities
  • Improve Sales / Increase Retention

  • Reduce Average Call Handle Times

  • Increase First Contact Resolution


  • New Issue Identification / Early Warning
  • Automate Call Monitoring

  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance

  • Improve Risk Management


  • Call Driver Analysis
  • Decision Support for Change Management

Features You Can Use

  • Analyze conversations to identify periods of silence, hold times, IVR messages, DTMF tones, and agent / customer cross talk

  • Analyze 100% of your customer calls from sales or service, and phone-based surveys

  • Machine Learning reduces the demand on manual Quality Assurance resources

  • Classify data for easy storage in CRM systems and business intelligence (BI) solutions

  • Stay one step ahead of compliance requirements with alerts and early warning indicators of potential violations.

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