J.D. Power Advisor Network

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What is the advisory network?

Since 2004, J. D Power has offered contact center benchmarking, performance improvement consulting and certification. We are engaged by clients to interpret the voice of the customer research (which identifies the key gaps and prioritizes areas of focus), assess their operation for certification and improvement, make recommendations and in some cases help them execute the changes. 

While J.D. Power manages our client relationships with internal employees, we actually deliver our services through qualified Independent Contractors as we have found that by working with top-notch talent from the outside, we can match the best people with the right experience to specific projects.

We bring in the business, and our advisors help us deliver. Advisors are trained on the “J.D. Power way” and offered engagements both domestically and internationally to go onsite and utilize their skills, knowledge and experience combined with our methodologies to help clients improve their customer service performance. 

Why should I join?

Here’s the top three reasons why consultants have told us they enjoy being a part of the Network: 

  • Their experiences with the J.D. Power program augment their current business and resume
  • They get to learn new things and see new data on what customers value most across channels 
  • They have the power to pick the engagements they want and turn down the engagements they don’t want.

How does it work?

If you are accepted into the Advisor Network, you will undergo remote training. Please note that the initial training is not paid. We look at your participation in this training as a joint investment in our mutual success.

Once initial training is complete, we send you out with a team member or team members and have you observe and have limited participation on some of our engagements. This training period may be over two or three engagements until there is mutual comfort in your ability to execute against the J.D. Power engagements using the J.D. Power methodology.

This round of training engagements is paid at a training rate of $500/day plus expenses. After this period, you will be a member of the Advisor Network and may be called upon to work on a project depending on how your skillset and experience matches up with the client needs.

Would I be a good fit? 

Are you an experienced consultant who owns their own business or the leader of a business that has consultants, and do you have a proven track record of helping customers succeed? Are you customer-focused, and do you understand how to use the voice of the customer to drive improvement? Do you work with the highest integrity? If you answered yes to all of the questions above, you should definitely consider applying to join the Network.

What are the next steps?

If you think you would be a good fit, complete and submit our questionnaire and send along a copy of your resume to [email protected] so we can evaluate if your experience is right for our program.

We look forward to reviewing your submission and will respond back to you as soon as we complete our assessment. After an assessment an interview with a J.D. Power team member will be scheduled. If you are selected to participate in remote training, you will be required to sign a mutual NDA and Independent Contractor Agreement.

Complete The Questionnaire


*Joining the Advisor Network does not guarantee an assigned project. You are agreeing you have interest in participating should a project that matches your skillset and experience arise. Compensation is dependent upon the role you fulfill in any given engagement and the length of that engagement.