Conversation Analyzer

Conversation Analyzer

Performance improvement starts with the right data.

In order to determine the right course of action, you must first understand specific gaps that are causing customer experience issues.

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To ensure you have a full breadth of VoC data to help you explore and pinpoint areas needing attention in your organization, we are pleased to bring you the J.D. Power Conversation Analyzer.

Conversion Analyzer

Customer voice and chat conversations are an untapped dataset with massive enterprise value. The J.D. Power Conversation Analyzer, powered by Tethr, analyzes phone conversations and chat sessions to provide rich insights across 50 areas critical to customer experience. The Conversation Analyzer Diagnostic is a one-time assessment of 50,000 interactions that helps companies zero in on the specific areas that are driving negative customer experiences.

How does it work?

With the Conversation Analyzer, we analyze up to 50,000 calls* to provide:

  • An automated customer effort score is calculated for every call helping identify friction causing poor CX
  • Ability to quickly find specific sub-optimal agent behaviors which saves QA and coaching time, and maximizes effective behavior change
  • A review and readout of the results by a J.D. Power consultant to help further isolate macro issues and prescribe best practices

Clients receive results 2 weeks from receipt of recordings and have access to the platform for 90 days with the option of an ongoing subscription. Users can also search the transcripts within the entire call archive.

*assumes a 6-minute AHT


Ready to get started?

Insights in Action

Recently the J.D. Power and Tethr teams met up to discuss common issues with chat programs and how the Conversation Analyzer tool can help. Click on the image to the right to check out the on-demand webinar where they cover the following:

  • What customers expect from chat programs
  • Why your chat program might not be working
  • Performance gaps and how to address them
  • Conversation Analytics - what is it and how does it work
  • Actions you can take now

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