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Leadership teams who use data to inform strategy, planning and execution tracking are more likely to achieve their goals

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Leadership teams who use data to inform strategy, planning and execution tracking are more likely to achieve their goals. High performing organizations:

  • Recognize that performance improvement is achieved at the agent, team and center level
  • Identify, quantify and prioritize initiatives that are going to move the customer satisfaction needle the most, in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost
  • Avoid setting goals that are unrealistically high or too low relative to market realities and evolving consumer expectations 
  • Develop and deploy a mechanism for internal and external recognition of service excellence
  • Combine satisfaction and operational data to uncover drivers of loyalty, advocacy and propensity for upsell/cross-sell

Where do you fall on the Technical Support Maturity Model, and how do you get to the next level?

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The J.D. Power Technical Support Certification Program combines our extensive Voice of the Customer and competitive landscape research with our proven best practices to help technical support organization like yours benchmark performance against the right metrics and prioritize improvement efforts that will have the biggest impact at the lowest cost.

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Best Practices

Leverage our research and expertise to answer these questions and more. Contact us today to get started. 

Best Practice Sneak Peek

We dug into our 275+ best practices to give non-subscribers a peek at the level of insights you have access to through the Certified Technical Support Program. 

Best Practice Example: 
Alignment of your QA Criteria with your VoC Insights

  • Internal processes might all be running smoothly, but if they’re not aligned to what the end customer wants, are they actually successful? 
  • Do your internal surveys get at the Voice of the Customer in a way that will produce insights and improvement? 
Best Practice

This is a best practice we see many organizations struggle with. Even with a great Voice of the Customer Program, we often see companies do a poor job of integrating their findings into the organization in a formalized way. Program clients have access to our database of the best questions to ask, so they get back actionable insights that can be leveraged to ensure consistently outstanding customer experiences. 

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Special Feature: Technology Support Podcast

At the end of 2021, our Customer Service experts took a look back at what technology support organizations did well and what best practices to take into 2022.

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Mark Miller
Mark Miller
Practice Leader, Customer Service Advisory
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Scott Killingsworth
Scott Killingsworth
Director, Customer Service Advisory
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Rich Bongiorno
Rich Bongiorno
Managing Director, Customer Service Advisory
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