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Certified Technical Support Services

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The Standard for Service Excellence

The J.D. Power Certified Technical Support Services Program enables enterprise customers to gain confidence in your customer service operation before they purchase your products. The Certified Technical Support Services Program addresses the critical challenges that service organizations face today.

The services world is changing. To earn your customers’ service business in today’s highly competitive environment, your organization must evolve to deliver higher value service offerings that increase product utilization and trigger new product sales.

Program Specifics

There are four phases in the Certified Technical Support Services Program:



J.D. Power & Associates Award Trophy Certification

Demonstrate your service excellence and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by certifying your technology service and support by J.D. Power.

Better, more efficient services. The program delivers guidance on industry best practices and an on-site audit to validate consistent implementation of those practices

Price and margin protection. The competitive advantage of being certified by J.D. Power can allow you to resist discounting and maintain your margins

Increased customer retention. More service renewals and repeat product purchases may result from customers who prefer to buy from a J.D. Power certified provider

Market share gains. More new product purchases and service contracts may be achieved from buyers who favor companies with J.D. Power certification

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