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In view of health reimbursement changes that are under way, it is vital that both policymakers and business leaders understand the very real differences in the consumer market and particularly the differences by generation, income level, and health status. At J.D. Power, we look at industry trends through the eyes of the consumer. What are the macro factors that influence their healthcare experiences? We see key themes for the medium-term future: Changes in demographics, healthcare engagement and continued distribution disruption.

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J.D. Power funds independent industry-wide reviews of companies, products, and services. High-level results of the studies are made available to the public through press releases and publications in professional journals. Research results are based on unfiltered customer feedback and show specifically what factors affect customer satisfaction and how important these factors are in relation to each other. View the latest study publish dates here.

Experts You Can Count On

James Beem
James Beem
Managing Director, Healthcare Intelligence
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Emily Jordan
Emily Jordan
Director, Consumer Insights
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Nicole Nicholson
Nicole Nicholson
Senior Account Director, Healthcare Intelligence
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