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Why do passengers love going to some airports and dread going to others? Understanding what pleases the flying public and where their priorities lie are the first steps in creating an outstanding airport experience. Armed with this knowledge, airport managers and administrators can shape the entire customer experience to be as easy, pleasant, and rewarding as possible: from getting to the airport, to checking in, going through security, shopping and eating in the terminal, and getting to the gate.

Airport Solutions

North America Airport Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power North America Airport Satisfaction StudySM measures passengers’ satisfaction with their airport experience among Mega-, Large-, and Medium-size airports in North America. The study provides actionable insights that can support industry stakeholders in improving their performance and passengers’ overall airport experience. The study is continuously fielded throughout the year. Subscribe today

J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM

Know what is happening at your airport or on your flights today. How can an airport or airline cost-effectively monitor passenger attitudes and issues? Management priorities and need for specific information changes constantly. Information on specific areas, vendors or stakeholders are difficult to capture.  As a result, the critical need for traveler insights often goes unmet. J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM is an innovative information solution that uses passenger smartphones to collect feedback for management decisions or service recovery. It works with an airport’s Wi-Fi system (or your in-flight Wi-Fi) to deliver short, in-the-moment surveys to travelers who log on. Learn more about J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM

Airport Signage Special Report

Optimize passenger navigation with expert wayfinding. Navigation around the airport is perennially one of the top passenger priorities. How does your airport measure up? Is there any particular part of your airport that causes confusion? Do your passengers “stick at the gate” instead of venturing down the concourse to enjoy the retail, food and beverage offered at your airport? Mijksenaar, the world’s leading wayfinding design and consultancy agency, has teamed up with J. D. Power to bring you the Signage Special Report. This report is a passenger data solution that benchmarks your airport against other North American airports. Learn more about Airport Signage Special Report

Airport Workshop

Enhance your CX action plan with staff and stakeholders. Airports face issues in critical areas that are controlled by various stakeholders, inside and outside the airport administration such as cleanliness and condition of rest rooms, food & beverage, security, signage, traffic flow, declining parking revenue, parking experiences and other critical KPIs. J.D. Power can be the 3rd party that facilitates action with your airport staff and external stakeholders and partners with our Airport Workshop solution. Learn more about Airport Workshop

Airport Operational Excellence

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your airport, improve and recognize success. Airports are among the most complex public spaces in the world with thousands of touchpoints that impact your guests’ experiences. How can airport managers understand what is impacting the passenger and what must be done to move the needle? J.D. Power' Airport Solutions enable each airport, no matter where they are in their Customer Experience journey,  to understand what are the most critical priorities to address next on the way towards higher performance and earn formal validation along the way. Learn more about Airport Operational Excellence Program

Airport Solutions
Airport Solutions

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