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J.D. Power Airport Passenger View

How can an airport cost-effectively monitor passenger attitudes and issues?

Intercept surveys, although supplying detailed and robust data, are time-consuming, expensive and therefore infrequent. Management priorities and need for specific information changes constantly. Information on specific areas, vendors or stakeholders are difficult to capture. Survey efforts may be affected by changes, weather, seasonality and construction. As a result, an airport’s critical passenger insight needs often go unmet. 

Know what is happening at your airport today

J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM is an innovative information solution that uses passenger smartphones to collect feedback for management decisions or service recovery. It works with an airport’s Wi-Fi system to deliver short, in-the-moment surveys to passengers who log on to airport Wi-Fi.  The platform is in current use at half a dozen US airports, bringing in over 1,000 responses a day at each airport. Surveys about passengers’ views on COVID-19 risks and their views on effective airport strategies are being prioritized across major airports to deal with the impact of the pandemic.  

J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM works with all known Wi-Fi systems, including those managed by third parties.  Passengers can also opt out of the survey at any time if they don’t wish to be surveyed

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Product Features

Features and Benefits of J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM

  • 100% coverage of your airport
  • Operates 24/7/365
  • Questions can be modified as needed
  • Gathers specific information at specific locations 
  • Works with your Wi-Fi authentication process
  • Ability to measure NPS, passenger satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Delivers dashboard results in real time
  • Can be combined with incentives to drive response rates
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Any Passenger Accessing Airport Wi-Fi

... can be a respondent. Re-direct during authentication. Respondent opts into a survey or continues to the airport home page

No physical equipment changes necessary. Re-direct requires only simple scripting, no disturbance to existing software, programming or advertising

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Results, Reporting & Readout

Live dashboard of current results with KPI graph and chart displays. Downloads of data in Excel available

Typical, expected monthly responses: Mega: 25,000+, Large: 10,000+, Medium: 5,000+

Approximately 40% leave open-end responses for analysis

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Flexible Survey Capabilities

Survey content can be modified as needed to fit the needs of the airport and address critical questions

Access to J.D. Power’s library of airport questions

J.D. Power benchmarking, consulting and workshop services available

Case Study: Signage at a Mega airport

J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM  Case Study: 27.8K respondents and 12.2K open-ended responses in a single month

Signage rated 8.82 out of 10 (overall)

  • Signage sentiment positive at 76% and negative sentiment at 18%
  • Bag Claim area signs rated lowest, although this seems to be driven by baggage claim wait times rather than signage performance
  • Open-ended response analysis indicates major areas of deficient signs: Rental Car Area, TSA and Gate Area
Rental Car Airport Sign
J.D. Power Airport Passenger View

Client Deliverables

Key Deliverables for J.D. Power Passenger ViewSM

  • Identification of airport priorities
  • Turn-key program implementation
  • Dashboard tracking and key moment heat mapping
  • J.D. Power analysis of results
  • Prioritization workshop (Optional)

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