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J.D. Power Automotive Products and Solutions

What is the cost of subscription to a J.D. Power study?
Pricing for subscriptions to J.D. Power syndicated benchmark studies vary based on the study and client sample size.

How do I access the report/download?
J.D. Power studies are available to study subscribers. Subscribers to a J.D. Power study or report will be provided access to the results through PowerSource, our new interactive data platform. To purchase J.D. Power studies, please fill out the form below

Can I use J.D. Power data and research for academic purposes?
While we do not provide data or research without a subscription, you may find insights you are looking for in our press releases. If you have additional questions, you may submit them to [email protected]

How do I contact the J.D. Power media team?
All media inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

How do I find out about job openings at J.D. Power?
You can search through career opportunities here

How can my company be included in the study?
Click here to learn more about how J.D. Power conducts its research.

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How does J.D. Power conduct its research?

I had a negative experience with a product or service provider that ranked highly in a J.D. Power study. How can this be?

What is a J.D. Power Award?

How do companies receive approval to use J.D. Power awards? (How are J.D. Power awards given?)




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