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The Impact of Life Insurance Customer Satisfaction on Loyalty and Advocacy

We know that customer satisfaction leads to higher loyalty and higher advocacy, but how can you truly know how satisfied your customers are? How satisfied are your customers, compared with your competitors? How do life carriers determine which changes to make in order to positively impact the customer experience and the company’s bottom line?

The Life Insurance Study analyzes customers’ experiences with their individual life insurance policy. The study provides an understanding of the needs and expectations of today’s life insurance customers as well as insights into how insurers can improve customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Study deliverables include:

  • Customized executive presentation and in-person discussion that includes data-driven, actionable recommendations for achieving strategic goals
  • Net Promoter Score®—This study includes Bain Certified NPS® by J.D. Power. Several NPS® questions will be added to the respondent files and available on VoX and via a word cloud and rank chart
  • Competitive survey data and industry reports
  • Data and analytical tools for performance insights and competitive peer comparisons
  • Access to VoX 3.0—This study is available on the interactive interface, VoX 3.0


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