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As rental car companies keep an eye on profitable revenue growth, productivity, cost control, and fleet management, they also need to maintain a strong and keen focus on serving their customers. Rental car companies that understand their customers’ expectations and rental experiences are better positioned to target performance improvement initiatives that may increase overall customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and advocacy, and maximize sales.

Rental Car Solutions

North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power North America Rental Car Satisfaction StudySM measures customer satisfaction with the entire airport rental car experience, from reservation to vehicle return. Subscribers may leverage J.D. Power data to better understand their competitive position and measure components that drive overall rental car satisfaction at North American airport locations. In addition, they are able to align strategic planning and improvement initiatives with core customer desires and needs. Subscribe now

U.S. Travel App and Website Studies

Travel apps and websites draw millions of visitors daily and continue to be important to success in the travel industry. Digital experience is a key driver of satisfaction with the overall travel experience. Travelers use apps and websites for planning, booking, managing day-of-travel and account management. They have high expectations based on experiences both within and outside of the travel industry. Travel brands with the best digital experience are well positioned to grow/take market share from competitors. Learn more about the U.S. Travel App Satisfaction Study
Learn more about the U.S. Travel Website Satisfaction Study

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Take action with confidence. J.D. Power Analyst Access - your lifeline to fast, easy, and reliable data analysis - provides dedicated access and premium-level support to answer your research questions, conduct analyses, prepare data for presentations, or even review your work for accuracy. Analyst Access is available exclusively to current J.D. Power syndicated benchmark study subscribers. Learn more about Analyst Access

Rental Car Solutions

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