Financial Services

J.D. Power Financial Health and Advice Program

The J.D. Power Financial Health and Advice Program is designed to segment and profile banking customers based on financial health and to assess how well their primary institution is addressing the needs of each segment. 

The program is designed to help banks and issuers optimize advisory and account opening initiatives using insights about priority customer segments, prominent customer financial-advisory needs, and methods of customer engagement that build trust. 

Program Components

J.D. Power Polaris Monthly Report

Continuous, monthly research of the financial health of banked consumers. Includes cadenced insights and data about of the financial health of banked consumers. Reports are delivered throughout the subscription year—12 monthly Polaris surveys. Learn more

J.D. Power Financial Health Study

Annual assessment and benchmark of the financial health and financial literacy of banked consumers and their satisfaction with their financial institutions’ support of their financial wellness and knowledge. Learn more

J.D. Power Retail Banking Advice Satisfaction Study

Provides actionable insights about customer experiences and best practices related to bank-provided advice and new account opening. A study subscription will help you to optimize your advisory and account opening initiatives using insights about priority customer segments, prominent customer financial-advisory needs, and methods of customer engagement that build trust. Learn more


    Customized executive presentation and strategy session that gives you data-driven, actionable recommendations for achieving your strategic business goals

    Our industry experts deliver results using a presentation that will bring the data to life. We clearly show the relevance of our findings to your business with tailored guidance that makes your subscription immediately useful to management and frontline employees alike. You'll leave your presentation feeling confident in your power to solve problems and generate and refine innovations to customer satisfaction and experience. 

    Executive Overview Dashboard

    Think “Scorecard” – Top Line findings, Index/Factors, Loyalty/Advocacy, KPI performance​

    Detailed Results Dashboard

    Generally contains multiple reports, organized by factor. This is where a deeper level of detail is available including diagnostics, comparisons to competitors, additional filters etc.​

    Cross Table Tool

    Cross tabulation module that includes all client facing data on the site which allows the user to customize data runs and analysis​

    Verbatim Comments: 

    Open answer module that allows users to view verbatims at a respondent level with selected filters and/or additional columns of data and search on key words or themes​

    Document Archive

    Static, downloadable content. Most commonly; Executive Briefing, Questionnaire, Methodology, User Guides, Index Calculators, KPI simulators, Client data files (SPSS or Excel). ​

    Executive briefing document highlighting key trends and insights across the industry

    J.D. Power is constantly immersed in understanding what is happening in your marketplace—and with your competition. We track the competition so you don’t have to. Get independent, objective recommendations that keep you ahead of the pack..

    Brand-level scorecards benchmarking each profiled company’s performance compared with the industry across key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy metrics

    Scorecards help you understand how brands compare to the industry and cross-industry. We help you understand where efforts should be focused, and the specific actions needed for greatest positive impact on customer experience and business results.

    The complete study data file with consumer survey responses

    We source current data from real customers so you can understand dynamic customer expectations, sudden/unexpected changes in product quality and be at the forefront of trends. Includes loyalty metrics such as NPS®

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