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J.D. Power Awards provide highest performing companies within our benchmarking studies the chance let consumers know that they put their customers first. As the trusted symbol of the Voice of the Customer, our awards help companies increase consumer consideration and ensure that highest performing brands stand out in the crowd.

J.D. Power Company Award

Press release guidelines

Subscribing clients in J.D. Power syndicated studies may issue a press release to the media highlighting their performance in the study. The release may not be published until after J.D. Power has issued its own press release.

The company must subscribe to the syndicated study before a press release may be issued, so that the research information is available in order to respond to media inquiries. All press releases must be submitted via e-mail for review and approval by J.D. Power Brand Licensing Department prior to release.

Please allow at least one full business day for review. Please note that these general standards and guidelines enable us to review your release quickly. However, these guidelines may not cover every situation that may occur.

To submit press releases for review, please submit to [email protected], or for questions, please call 248-680-6220.

Award program usage guidelines

J.D. Power awards program guidelines are for companies licensing J.D. Power Awards. These guidelines are not intended to address every situation that J.D. Power may find objectionable, offensive, misleading, or not in keeping with its public brand use standards. Please note that all uses of the J.D. Power award must be approved prior to use.

Submit all materials to [email protected] For questions, please call 248-680-6220.

J.D. Power award merchandise

J.D. Power award merchandise is ideal for:

  • Executive offices, corporate lobbies
  • Dealerships, agency, and branch locations
  • Advertising and TV commercials
  • Award celebrations
  • Trade shows, community events

For questions or to order merchandise, please contact Shelby Block at [email protected] or 805-418-8253.

J.D. Power & Associates Award Trophy

Trophy photography templates

The trophy photography provided is designed to be customized in Adobe Photoshop using final, approved Adobe Illustrator .eps medallion and nameplate artwork. J.D. Power will provide the personalized medallion and nameplate via e-mail, after a signed agreement is received.

Download 1200 DPI Photography with Transparent Background

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