The Information to Drive Your Business—Put It to Work for You

In today's increasingly competitive automotive marketplace, it is imperative to have the latest competitive intelligence data available to make informed decisions on vehicle purchasing, pricing, and placement.

The Power Information Network® (PIN) from J.D. Power provides real-time automotive information and decision-support tools based on the collection and analysis of daily new- and used-vehicle retail transaction data from thousands of automotive franchises. Details from these transactions are evaluated to create products that focus on key measures, including price, cost, profit, finance, lease, and trade-in values.

Dealers enrolled gain complimentary access to specially designed dealer-specific and market-comparison reports via PowerDealer™, a web-based application. For a free demo, visit PowerDealer and use the following to access the site:

Login: pindemo
Password: pindemo


PIN Explorer®

A dynamic reporting tool that enables users to perform competitive analyses; track new-product introductions; conduct market comparisons; and isolate weaknesses and strengths. J.D. Power designed a highly robust upgrade of this tool in 2012 that includes custom report and dashboard capabilities.

PIN Navigator®

A reporting tool designed specifically for the auto finance industry. PIN Navigator combines credit scores, new- and used-vehicle sales data, and financial transaction data on a weekly basis by market and by nameplate.

PIN Model Level Share Report

A weekly report that tracks changes in sales and market share in near real time to benchmark sales performance by segment, manufacturer, nameplate, and model against the previous year, month, or week. Also includes forecasts of retail and fleet industry sales.

PIN Incentive Spending Report

A weekly report that merges take rates with program offerings and provides complete transparency regarding how OEMs are spending money for incentive offers, as well as take rates and contribution to spend detailed for every incentive on every model in the industry. Also includes a measure for vehicle purchase price net of incentives.

PIN Incentive Planning and Optimization Services

An on-demand solution that provides marketers with insights into what drives business performance by determining the impact of alternative incentive amounts, structures, and price points. Any incentive on any vehicle (self-reported or those of competitors) may be tested for impact on overall sales, take rates, incentive spend, and profitability, and can also be used to review prior sales performance for pricing and incentive actions.

PIN Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Report

A PIN-exclusive quarterly solution that allows manufacturers to benchmark the performance of their CPO and non-CPO used-vehicle sales relative to the industry in entirety and by specific competitors. Benchmarking metrics include overall used-vehicle profitability (gross return rate) and specific metrics such as dealer profit; finance reserve; insurance and service contracts; inventory levels; and retail turn rate.

PIN Vehicle Age Report

A PIN-exclusive quarterly report that lists past and future product activity for every model in the industry (in market or planned for future release). In addition to identifying product activity (includes minor, moderate, major, and all-new redesigns of existing products, as well as new entries and deletions), this report describes the average age in months of every model in the industry. A flexible interface allows users to assess the age of a specific model, or the overall model ages in a manufacturer or segment portfolio.

PIN Conquest and Loyalty Report

A PIN-exclusive weekly report that combines the model-level share report with the actual vehicles traded in by new-vehicle buyers allows understanding of loyalty and conquest behavior. A flexible interface allows users to identify how many owners of a given model returned to market and what they subsequently purchased, conveniently provided via a standard set of loyalty and conquest metrics that align with overall market share performance.

PIN Market Timer Report

A PIN-exclusive report that projects the number of vehicle owners and lessees who will return to market at any given time, which allows a more accurate prediction of future self and competitive sales and more accurate planning for pricing, as well as incentives and sales promotions.

Vehicle Configuration Optimization Services

An on-demand service that examines how vehicle content drives sales performance, transaction price, and profitability for both OEMs and dealers. The resulting insight allows identification of high- and low-performing vehicle configurations and the ability to refine and simplify build configurations.

Price and Volume Assessment Services

An on-demand service that leverages the full array of PIN and J.D. Power data to assess future sales and price performance for a given model or portfolio. J.D. Power's team of automotive experts deliver a fact-based, quantitative assessment of expected performance with full transparency for the drivers of the analysis.

Used-Vehicle Inventory Tools

The Used-Vehicle Booking Tool and Guidebook Pricing allow dealers to improve inventory mix by providing model-level ROI performance, along with pricing and market demand metrics. These tools assist in identifying the most desirable models for a given market, in terms of ROI, turn rates, and pricing.

Customer Mapping and Zip Code Tools

These tools allow dealers to benchmark marketing program effectiveness by identifying their customers on Google maps or comparing sales across selected ZIP codes and time periods.

New/Used Average Deal Recap Report

Identifies performance gaps versus the market on deal structures and highlights areas where adjustments may be made to improve volume and profitability.

New-Vehicle Inventory Performance Report

Provides performance by model line for each franchise the dealership sells, compared with other PIN dealers in the market area carrying the same franchise. This information improves the ability to identify stocking options by monitoring inventory movement and gross potential.

New/Used Finance/Leasing Report

Allows retailers to identify lender options, buy rates, and term structures of lenders in their geographic market.

New-Vehicle Franchise Performance

A PIN exclusive report that identifies franchise performance across nameplates in the dealer's marketplace, as well as key components of deal structure, select backend sales, finance reserve, warranty penetration, price, and income.

Service Key Performance Indicators

Provides a quick snapshot of current business, customized to present user-defined goals across a number of KPIs.

Summary Scorecards and Employee Performance Reports

A performance-based system that provides service managers the ability to track each staff member's sales data and identifies which maintenance sales items are being sold and which ones are not. The detailed, individual, printable scorecards provide managers with information necessary to motivate high performers who are already achieving desired results as well as coach and develop low performers.