Reshaping the Online Shopping Experience


Reach and Engage Shoppers with Data-Rich Video Content

From our personalized video experiences to our dynamic, video-enabled landing pages and merchandising tools, we create innovative, industry-leading video campaigns that drive engagement and increase sales throughout the entire purchase journey.

Our data-driven mobile -first sales and service campaigns are supported by customized landing pages delivered through the world’s leading media platforms. We leverage each media platform to precisely geo-target the right audience for every dealership. All advertising content is created specifically for each platform to deliver the most effective campaign results.


Video Ad Creation

We utilize our in-house content creation services and voice talent to create the industry’s highest quality, brand compliant video ad units. We create specific video ads for each media platform and device with the goal of optimizing each consumer interaction. We carefully craft our ad units to provide consumer and dealer value even if a viewer watches a portion of the ad unit. We can create custom model ad units or adapt agency provided brand units to each platform.

  • Custom script, voiceover and edits based on campaign objective
  • Ability to adapt brand or T2 ad content for dealer use
  • All units include persistent dealer branding, custom offers and calls to action
  • Ability to integrate dealer showroom or facility drone footage
  • Custom Model or Service Video Ads
  • Dynamic Video Inventory Ads that integrate actual dealer VINs

Complete Campaign Management Services

In order to run effective video advertising campaigns, we use data from media platforms and third parties to find the right audiences at the right time. Our resources include proprietary prospect targeting through J.D. Power, Oracle Data Cloud and Neilson Data Cloud for buyer intelligence. We can accept dealer content and video from self-serve ad tools to serve on any platform. Our campaign management includes on-going reporting and optimization.

Custom Audience Video Campaigns

Our conquest campaigns complement direct marketing efforts by using your CRM and/or other customer data to create custom audience lists. Using this intel, we find and drive sales, service and remarketing traffic on any digital platform.


Types of Video Ads

Custom Video Ads

These model-specific, mobile-first ads are customized for your dealership to promote any vehicle or service campaign. We utilize our in-house video content studio to feature your branding, offers, running footage and strong calls to action.

  • Model specific (year, make, model, trim)
  • New/CPO/Fixed Ops
  • Fully managed and customized to each dealer
  • Dealer branding incudes events, custom logos and facility (video, photos and drone footage)
  • Optimized for both mobile and desktop
  • Monthly reporting

Dynamic Inventory Video Ads

These dynamic video ads integrate featured model content and offer of your choice followed by VINs from your inventory. As VINs featured in the video ad sell, they are automatically replaced by other units from your inventory. Available on all ad platforms and within Facebook.

  • VIN-specific (new and used)
  • Fully automated videos programmatically replace sold VINs
  • Unlimited videos and offer updates
  • Exterior images for each VIN – with dealer pricing if available within feed
  • Dealer branding incudes events, custom logos, etc.
  • Image recognition (AI) selects best shots from inventory photos
  • Dealer selects category of VINs to feature (new arrivals, reduced price, etc.)
  • Optimized for both mobile and desktop

Specific to Facebook campaigns, Facebook VIN Carousel Ads are 15-second dealer-branded video ads with an offer are followed by clickable images of specific VINs in stock.

  • VIN images link directly to VDP
  • Custom conquest ads target segments of your choice
  • Remarket to shoppers who have viewed portion of ad or visited dealer website
  • Reach current owners and lessees with custom targeting

OTT/Connected TV

This service delivers content streamed over the internet. A decline in cable TV usage and major spike in CTV means you can no longer reach the bulk of your potential buyers with traditional TV ads. Reach cord-cutters with CTV, which includes any internet-connected TV or device (Roko, Apple TV) that enables users to access content through an app.

Broadcast Ads in HD Quality

We create video ads featuring models and local events, suitable for local broadcast and streaming needs; includes regional footage of landmarks and dealer branding/offers.

OTT_Connected_TV_ Image

Life Event Video Strategy

We customize video content for each media platform and life event. We identify the appropriate media platforms and targeting for each life event, including sourcing life event data from media companies or other third-party sources. We create personally relevant content within our video ads that motivates a passive viewer to click through to a personalized landing pages for a seamless transition from shopper to buyer. Our strategy provides custom video ad content and personalized video landing pages targeted to 40% of new car buyers driven by life event changes.


Experts You Can Count On

Tim Copacia
Tim Copacia
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development
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Jeff Grice
Jeff Grice
Vice President, Strategic Development
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Tim Kost
Tim Kost
Vice President, Campaign Operations
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Thomas Pearce
Thomas Pearce
Senior Director, Interactive UX Strategy
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Troy Seeman
Troy Seeman
Manager, Sales Management
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Melissa Tester
Melissa Tester
Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts
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Dyan Davis
Dyan Deutsch
Manager, Account Management
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