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The Challenge

Retail banking is undergoing a dramatic transformation as a result of new technology, increased competition, and ever-changing customer expectations. Customers expect a fast, simple and nearly effortless experience—at a fair price. 

The bottom line: Attaining your forecasted growth in footings and margin in 2018 depends on your ability to align your business planning with what your customers want and need.

The Solution

The J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction StudySM


J.D. Power’s industry benchmarking studies consistently show that companies providing their customers with a higher quality service experience than their competitors are also:

  • Acquiring customers at a faster rate
  • Obtaining greater wallet share
  • Retaining a larger portion of those customers
  • Commanding a higher price for the services and products they offer
  • Reducing the cost to serve

Every quarter you will receive a scorecard of your bank’s performance and rank position among the competitors within your region, allowing you to track your progress throughout the year as you work your way to the top. 

Here's What You’ll Get Four Times Per Subscription Year:

  • Analyst BriefingsExpert insight about key industry trends | Empowers you to proactively forecast, take calculated risks for high returns, pull back in areas of foreseeable decline, and plant your flag in the gaps before your competition
  • Tailored Competitive DataYou vs. Them | Know how you stack up against your primary competitors, where you stand within the industry, and where you rank vs. the highest performers
  • Detailed Performance ReportKnow your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses | You’ll get clear indicators of the areas where you are performing well and those performance metrics that are priorities for action and improvement

What you’ll get after wave 4:

  • A full PDF report of insights obtained across all four waves of data
  • An executive presentation that provides a summary of your company’s results, compared with those of key competitors, and actionable insights into how to close your customer experience gaps
  • Access to J.D. Power’s VoX reporting platform, where you can run data analytics and data visualization to fully diagnose your performance and the results of the 200 banks included in the study
  • The complete study data file in SPSS format of ~90,000 consumer survey responses
  • Bain Certified NPS by J.D. Power that includes the brand-level NPS and verbatims, an NPS rank chart, and verbatim text analytics. Learn more at

The Benefits

Banks that subscribe to the study will be better able to understand their competitive position at a detailed level, allowing them to pinpoint critical areas for improvement and make prudent investments in the service attributes that matter most to customers. 

Advisory Services

J.D. Power’s advisory services leverage our proprietary benchmarks, analytics, proven models, and our globally respected data. Our global team of experts has been recognized as an industry leader for nearly 50 years.

  • Customer experience management
  • Measurement and management
  • Customer experience strategic assessment
  • Contact center solutions
  • Mystery shopping
  • VoX 360 (benchmarks + innovative software + J.D. Power experts & advice)

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Publish Dates*:

U.S. Wave 1 Publish: July 18, 2017
U.S. Wave 2 Publish: October 17, 2017
U.S. Wave 3 Publish: January 16, 2018
U.S. Wave 4 Publish: April 24, 2018

* Dates subject to change