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Wireless Router Satisfaction Declines as Bandwidth Demand Increases, J.D. Power Finds

COSTA MESA, Calif.: 30 Oct. 2019 — As wireless routers become the hub of home entertainment and steadily growing number of connected devices and appliances, customer satisfaction is declining. According to the J.D. Power 2019 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report,SM released today, overall customer satisfaction with wireless routers falls 6 points (on a 1,000-point scale) from 2018, driven by declines in reliability and speed factors.

The 10 factors measured in the 2019 report include (in order of importance): Wi-Fi range; reliability; speed of upload/download; restore connection easily; security capabilities; price; ease of set-up; variety of features; intuitive user interface; and customer service. 

"The customer perception of Internet speed and reliability is increasingly affecting satisfaction with wireless routers," said Ian Greenblatt, Technology, Media & Telecom Intelligence Lead at J.D. Power. "Only 16% of customers indicated having problems with their routers, and satisfaction with price and customer service are the same or increasing. But with increased bandwidth demand comes an increased expectation of speed and reliability that router manufacturers need to address."

Wireless Router Satisfaction Rankings

TP-Link (854) ranks highest in customer satisfaction with wireless routers, an increase of 11 points from its score in 2018. D-Link (848) ranks second and ASUS (844) ranks third. 

The 2019 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report, now in its fifth year, is based on responses from 1,179 current owners of wireless routers who purchased their device during the 12-month period prior to report fielding in September and October 2019.

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