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J.D. Power Intelligent Match

Successful customer acquisition demands being in the right place with the right price. Successful customer acquisition with retention in mind demands that the customer knows upfront what to expect from the insurer beyond price.

Customer acquisition is key to success in today’s marketplace. With more access to information and choice than ever, the option to select products and experiences based on each individual customer’s preferences is extending into new markets. Insurance should be no different.

So how can a customer know that what they are buying is what they are looking for? How do consumers reduce the risk of making a poor choice for them? How do auto insurers improve retention by ensuring they are living up to each customer’s expectations?

The Intelligent Match solution

Intelligent Match combines more than 20 years of J.D. Power insurance consumer data and insights to deliver a cutting-edge technology platform that enables users to match shoppers with the right auto insurer based on individual service preferences. The Intelligent Match platform puts more data in the hands of customers, insurers, and agencies allowing for better decision-making and a better customer-insurer relationship.


There are numerous applications for the Intelligent Match data and platform including:

  • Digital agencies
  • Lead generators
  • Insurance acquisition platforms
  • Prospective customer scoring
  • Lead valuation
  • Technology platforms
  • And more…

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