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J.D. Power Autodata Vehicle Specifications & Description Services

Every Make and Model for the Past 30 Years

Our data is available via data-as-a-service or distributed databases and includes historical data, residual values, dealer-friendly editorial content and mapping products. Our unparalleled spectrum of high-quality vehicle data and content is the backbone that powers the entire ChromeData suite of industry-leading automotive products.
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Features, Price & Specs

Our data products have set the industry standard for vehicle descriptions and include the world’s most detailed and complete new vehicle, VIN and historical data, as well as residual values, dealer-friendly editorial content and mapping products.

VIN Descriptions

VIN Descriptions

The ChromeData vehicle description service is used to properly identify and describe vehicles that drive your business. Powered by our deep and comprehensive vehicle data and configuration rules, our service is fully configurable to provide your business the desired requested vehicle descriptions. 

Fleet Spec & Ordering

Our fleet tools serve more fleet companies and OEMs than anyone else in North America. Comprised of an integrated collection of data, our proprietary tools quickly and efficiently integrate with vehicle selectors as well as ordering and management platforms for fleet clients

Fleet Spec Ordering
Vehicle Spec Ordering

Vehicle Spec & Ordering

Our configuration engine is at the core of our technology and accounts for the millions of variables while building light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Our technology makes the process of building orderable commercial and retail vehicles a breeze.

Carbook Pro

Carbook Pro delivers all the vehicle information you need in an intuitive, web-based tool. Whether you’re in commercial vehicle sales, fleet management, banking or insurance, Carbook Pro gives you immediate access to comprehensive vehicle pricing and equipment information.

Carbook Pro
Inventory as a service

Inventory as a Service

Clear and accurate descriptions, options and pricing are key to providing a full and complete view of a vehicle. Inventory as a Service is a comprehensive inventory management platform that effectively delivers on the value proposition of precise automotive inventory.

Media Library & Reviews

Our dynamic, data-rich media library allows you to optimize our comprehensive collection of vehicle data to drive more engagement and conversion. We map our robust vehicle data to our vast library of images, content and videos to create a compelling shopping experience for your customers.


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