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Do you have specific digital needs to address? In addition to our comprehensive J.D. POWER SMARTDIGITALSM solutions, we assist industry players with some of the biggest pain points within their current digital platforms. Explore the J.D. POWER SMARTDIGITALSM line of solutions below.

Digital Certification Programs

Our Tier 3 Certification Programs cover your website, digital retailing and digital advertising needs.

  • Tier 3 Website Certification program ensures all websites comply with OEM brand standards and that providers supply accurate, timely data.
  • Tier 3 Digital Retailing Certification program provides OEM brands with end-to-end digital retailing solutions and dealer choice.
  • Tier 3 Digital Adverting Certification program drives quality lead volume by increasing dealer advertising participation and effectiveness through exclusive, certified providers.

Features and Benefits

  • Normalizes all provider metrics
  • Key at-a-glance performance metrics across providers
  • Comparative metrics to elevate overall program performance
  • Monthly audits and ongoing testing for program optimization
J.D. Power Autodata Smart Digital Digital Certification Programs
Smartleads Buyer Intention Engine

SmartLeads(SM) Third-Party Lead Program

SmartLeadsSM scrubs and scores third-party leads based on our patented buyer intention engine. We offer a no-questions-asked lead return policy.

Features and Benefits

  • 2x close rates over any other aggregator for third-party leads
  • Only provider of scored leads based on buyer profile and no-questions-asked credit policy
  • Most stringent contact validation in the industry
  • Complete dealer customization
  • Complete transparency with lead source and performance

Business Intelligence Dashboard and Reporting

The Business Intelligence Dashboard displays all leads, sales process information and sales data in a dynamic drillable format with best-in-class granularity and actionable comparable benchmark data against group, district and region.

Features and Benefits

  • Consumes all leads and sales data agnostic of source
  • Dynamic data discovery with intuitive ad hoc reporting
  • Flexible permissions and business rule configuration
  • Normalizes data from various sources to provide consistent performance measurement
  • Proprietary sales funnel and process metrics displayed to identify dealer performance gaps
J.D. Power Autodata Smart Digital Business Intelligence Dashboard and Reporting

Enterprise Lead Management Platform

Our platform replaces antiquated OEM IT systems with a modern platform that acquires, cleanses, appends contextually relevant data and delivers enhanced leads to dealers that increase close rates.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to provide vast configurability, nimbleness and granularity
  • Built on Spring 4 TM application framework on JAVA 8, utilizing MS-SQL for Database technology
  • Web APIs are REST or JSON based and System Architecture is completely hosted within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) powered by Amazon Web Services

Bi-Directional CRM Certification

Integrates with OEM-certified CRM suppliers to create bi-directional communication flow of sales process and consumer data between the OEM and dealer, enabling sales process gaps to be identified.

Features and Benefits

  • Bi-directional integration with 20+ CRMs
  • Monthly audits and quarterly testing of CRM standards to support compliance and continuous evolution
  • Real-time appending of leads with shopper intelligence in an actionable dealer display
  • Data exchange that breaks down silos between OEM and dealers
  • Expanded lead dispositions

Concierge Services

Our concierge center is staffed by in-house specialists that can handle a wide range of customer interactions from initial contacts to appointment reminders and overdue maintenance alerts.

Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 service, 363 days a year, U.S. and Canada based
  • Handles initial contacts, appointment confirmations, follow up shopper contact and feedback delivery
  • Proprietary, configurable OEM-centric scripts with custom programs for sales, service, loyalty and conquest
  • In-house professionally trained agents
  • Proven results
J.D. Power Autodata Smart Digital Concierge Services
J.D. Power Autodata Smart Digital Digital Dealer Field Support

Digital Dealer Field Support

Our dedicated team of support agents and in-field digital advisors help you navigate your digital ecosystem. Our orchestrated approach to add value and measure ourselves on incremental sales holds us accountable to the same results that are important to you.

Features and Benefits

  • J.D. Power certified agents and advisors
  • Leading experts in the industry who support dealers within a wide range of designated marketing areas
  • Lead process management support

Experts You Can Count On

Marianne Tappy
Marianne Tappy
Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy
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Kim Irwin
Kim Irwin
Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy
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