Customer Service Advantage: Medicare

Do Commercial Member Health Plans customer service centers have something to learn from Medicare Advantage Plans?

In 2021, Medicare Advantage customers stated that they contacted their plan via phone more than Commercial Health Plan members:

percent contacted

Yet a shorter average wait time and fewer recontacts were needed to resolve problem for these customers: 

average wait graphic

Why does this matter?
Longer hold times and recontacts can be a costly misstep for your brand. In fact, First Call Resolution is a golden KPI as it reduces operating costs and improves CSAT, loyalty, advocacy and revenues. Cross-industry customer service benchmarks and best practices help you understand where your gaps to great performance are and help you prioritize which actions to take that will have the biggest impact at the lowest cost. (Here's a sneak peek at a First Call Resolution best practice to get you started)

If you’re ready to start looking at your performance data and getting on the road to performance improvement, contact us today to discuss how we can get you on your way to customer service excellence and cost savings.

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