Autodata Solutions Takes its Risk Analysis Application  for Auto Insurance to a New Level

Autodata Solutions has recently made major enhancements to its StudyPRICE product, a solution created exclusively for the automotive insurance industry.

StudyPRICE is the automotive industry’s first normalized, analytics-ready and VIN-specific risk analysis service. It enables insurance carriers to identify and evaluate vehicle features that mitigate loss or severity of loss, reduce risk and result in more competitively priced auto premiums. 

You can study your historical auto claims and VIN-specific features – beyond year, make and model. In addition to robust vehicle descriptions, StudyPRICE discovers all active and passive safety features, all vehicle features deemed to be expensive to replace/repair, as well as theft-preventative features. Once these features are identified, you can integrate StudyPRICE directly into all quoting algorithms, enabling automatic discounts for applicable features. 

After reviewing customer feedback and analyzing industry trends, a new release of StudyPRICE includes “wish list” features that were not available in the industry until now.

What’s New in Version 1.3

  • Vehicle Information back to 1981 – Data was added into the service dating back to 1981 to provide increased vehicle coverage.
  • Master Feature Dictionary – New endpoint allowing for quick look up and feature identification within the feature dictionary list.
  • Additional enhancements feature certain algorithm, style reduction service and overall response codes.

Additional Services Now Available

New services have been added that complement StudyPRICE to further enhance the overall consumer product offering and provide deeper vehicle feature analysis.

  • isADAS Flag – New attribute in the response indicating if the feature is considered part of an advanced drivers assistance system.
  • Feature Descriptions – New endpoint returning a brief, consumer facing summary of a vehicle feature.
  • Feature Not Installed – New endpoint building on top of the Master Feature dictionary to determine which features are not installed or available on a vehicle.
  • Location of Feature on Vehicle – New attribute in response aiding your team in providing more accurate quoting; feature locations have been standardized across our service.
  • What’s Changed – New endpoint determining if VIN build data has been changed or if vehicles (style IDs) have been updated within the date range submitted.

Learn More about StudyPRICE

Contact our support team ([email protected] or 1-866-430-8524 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET).