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J.D. Power Announces Resale Value Awards for Mass Market and Luxury Vehicle Models

Lexus Earns More Awards than Any Other Brand

COSTA MESA, Calif.: 21 Aug. 2019— The 2019 J.D. Power Resale Value Awards were presented to automotive manufacturers today, recognizing the best resale value across 26 model-level segments following three years of ownership. Vehicles that retain a strong resale value also typically have higher residual values and offer unmistakable benefits to automakers and consumers alike.

“One of the biggest concerns for many new-vehicle owners is depreciation,” said Jonathan Banks, Vice President of Vehicle Valuations & Analytics at J.D. Power. “Our transaction database shows the models that have the lowest depreciation costs, which can be very helpful to new-car buyers when deciding on their purchase.”

Model-Level Resale Value Awards

The brand receiving the most model-level awards is Lexus (six model-level awards), followed by Honda (five model-level awards), Toyota (four model-level awards) and Porsche (three model-level awards). The GMC Sierra 3500 has the best resale value in the industry.

·         Lexus: Lexus CT; Lexus RC; Lexus GS; Lexus NX; Lexus RX; and Lexus LX

·         Honda: Honda Fit; Honda Civic; Honda Accord; Honda CR-V; and Honda Odyssey

·         Toyota: Toyota Prius; Toyota Tacoma; Toyota 4Runner; and Toyota Tundra

·         Porsche: Porsche Cayman; Porsche 911; and Porsche Panamera

Other models that rank highest in their respective segments are Audi Q3, Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, GMC Sierra 3500, Scion tC and Subaru Crosstrek.

For the 2019 award process, 256 vehicle models were evaluated using a sample of more than 630,000 transactions with an average of 2,400 transactions assessed on each vehicle. The award selection process utilizes used vehicle wholesale prices, which represent how much a dealer buys a used vehicle for. These prices are then divided by the vehicle’s original purchase price. These calculations are based on wholesale records from January through June 2019 for vehicles that are three years old. For the 2019 calculation, 2016 is the applicable model year.

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2019 J.D. Power Resale Value Awards
2019 J.D. Power Resale Value Awards
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