J.D. Power Pulse Survey Methodology

Pulse surveys are short surveys that use a crowd-sourcing data collection methodology to measure general consumer attitudes about topical issues within a specific industry. 

Unlike J.D. Power Syndicated Benchmarking studies which are published on a regular cadence, Pulse surveys are used on an ad hoc basis by J.D. Power to make empirical observations about specific industry topics and what consumers think or plan to do. The data from these surveys is used in press releases and other research publications by J.D. Power to create commentary from our third party perspective on a relevant industry topic. Pulse surveys are not used to rank or benchmark company level performance—that is what J.D. Power Syndicated Benchmarking studies do.

While Pulse surveys use a different sampling approach (crowd sourcing) compared to Syndicated Benchmarking studies, the data is representative of the US population and typically has a margin of error of +/-3% (95% confidence, based on 1,000 respondents).