“You guys continue to amaze and delight me. Thanks for the data!”

Michael Richter, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence & Product Owner, AutoVIN

“We selected EpiAnalytics for our social listening platform because it allows us to not only actively listen to conversations, but also determine the most discussed topics and sentiment across our community. We now have the ability to quickly discover and escalate potential issues that our employees uncover allowing our senior leaders to make business decisions that drive our business in real time.”

— Anonymous, Fortune 50 Retailer

“By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, partners such as EpiAnalytics are empowering companies to turn insights from millions of conversations about their products, brand and industry into actions that strengthen customer relationships.”

— Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

“This tool has really taken vehicle valuation to the next level and provides subscribers with extremely valuable information at any stage of the process when buying or selling a used vehicle. Our valuation customers can move from a general approach to vehicle valuations and move to a precise value for an exact vehicle. This type of precision removes the guesswork of evaluating whether specific features, packaging and options are built on the vehicle, and that provides game-changing transparency.”

— Jonathan Banks, Vice President and General Manager of Vehicle Valuations at J.D. Power

“What we immediately liked about EpiAnalytics’ SmartCase solution was that it was already native to Salesforce, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the integration piece. Additionally, when we first implemented SmartCase, several of our data scientists attempted to poke holes at it but have found very few opportunities to do so because it’s been so accurate. We obviously don’t want notes being flagged when an action isn’t required, and we certainly don’t want to miss notes where we could have helped a student be successful. SmartCase has done an excellent job of minimizing the number of false positives or false negatives.”

— A director of business analytics at a top public university