Workplace And Social Community Sentiment Analysis

Delivering Social Intelligence

EpiAnalytics makes sense out of social customer comments (unstructured data). Whether it is through our Insight Partnership with or analyzing employee community comments from Workplace by Facebook, we eliminate the dirty data and deliver valuable insights to business managers.

Social Media Comments are Valuable. At any moment, there are millions of social conversations flying across the ever-expanding social web. The vast majority of "noisy" social media data hold little value for your organization, but accurately isolating the comments that matter most is of utmost importance.

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Monitor Customer And Employee Community Health

EpiAnalytics community solutions let you connect, communicate and collaborate with employees and customers. Your communities drive large amounts of open-ended feedback from your most engaged customers and employees helping you grow your business.  This unfiltered customer feedback and deep dialogue fosters sustained loyalty.

Trapped inside all the open-ended feedback in your community is the validated data you need to better engage and serve your customers and quickly measure sentiment trends, apply customer feedback analytics, and identify new issues before issues grow into big problems.

Analyze Your Contributors To Maximize The Value Of Your Community

EpiAnalytics classifies and calculates sentiment on all community discussions providing insights which result in better, faster decision-making, opportunities to enhance user experience, reports to manage the business, and ripe sales opportunities.

Community Analysts can quickly get to the exact information needed by:

  • Product Managers so they can incorporate desired features into the next release.

  • Human Resources so they can react quickly to changing employee sentiment about work initiatives

  • Sales and Marketing Teams so they can monitor brands and close deals quickly

  • Corporate Risk Management so they can proactively prevent emerging issues from growing into major problems.

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