Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study

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Automakers continue to make massive investments in the development and growth of electric vehicles (EVs), even as the current adoption rate of EVs remains low. According to J.D. Power research, 27% of US consumers express some likelihood to purchase an EV in the next four years, while almost the same amount have no intention to purchase one.

Current EV owners are strong advocates and will play a critical role in the expansion of electrification. These early adopters have shown high levels of satisfaction with their EVs, despite questionable product quality in some cases. However, broad market adoption of EVs will require more than just appealing vehicles. It is equally important for automakers and suppliers to understand the key components of satisfaction and frustration among current EV owners and identify opportunities for improving the ownership experience.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership StudySM, driven by PlugShare, sets the standard for benchmarking EV owner satisfaction with the critical attributes that affect the EV ownership experience. From the cost of ownership, problems experienced, range, and ease of charging, to the usefulness of OEM-specific EV apps, this new annual study provides a comprehensive assessment of consumer experiences with their with battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. These experiences will strongly affect owners’ likelihood to repurchase an EV and recommend an EV to others. These key behaviors and insights into current EV ownership will help OEMs assess where they rank, who is doing it best, and why.

The Benefits

Study insights provide answers to the following key stakeholder questions, among others:

  • Automakers: How can we benchmark the satisfaction of EV owners? How do we stack up against our competition? How do our EVs compare to those from EV-only manufacturers, and how can we compete? What are the most important drivers of satisfaction among EV owners? What problems are EV owners experiencing and what does the service experience look like when problems do occur?
  • Automotive Suppliers: How are my components contributing to the EV ownership experience? What problems are owners experiencing specific to EVs? What opportunities exist to leverage my component innovation and offer advantages in the EV market?

The Awards

J.D. Power will be surveying owners of vehicles from model years 2015-2021 and presenting awards to 2019-2021 model year premium and mass market electric vehicles that rank highest in this study. Award eligible recipients that subscribe to the study will have the opportunity to leverage their award publicly in advertising and marketing through the J.D. Power Award Licensing Program.