Jon Sederstrom of J.D. Power on the Long-term Implications COVID-19 has had on Automotive Digital Retail Activities

J.D. Power projects the COVID-19 pandemic will reduce US vehicle sales by 1.2-1.6 million units over the five months of March to July, digital engagement with consumers has helped to soften the blow at least a little – making it one of the few bright spots in an otherwise bleak automotive market, according to Jon Sederstrom, Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives at J.D. Power.

“To be clear, the issue has not been on the demand side of the equation. Most shoppers consider the traditional process of buying a car outdated and lagging other industries. It takes too long and requires too much effort to get basic information about price, trim and options,” says Sederstrom.

Learn how the role of digital retailing has changed since the onset of COVID-19 and how OEMs and dealerships are adapting.

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