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Customers Expect More Mileage from Their Original Tyres, J.D. Power Finds 

Goodyear Ranks Highest in Small Car Segment; Bridgestone Ranks Highest in Midsize Car and Utility Vehicle Segments

SINGAPORE: 22 May 2019— While tyre design, climate, road conditions and driver habits influence the lifespan of a vehicle’s tyres, customers in India expect their original tyres to run for about 50,000 kilometres before having to replace them, according to the J.D. Power 2019 India Original Equipment Tyre Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI) StudySM, released today.

The study finds, however, that customers who replaced their original tyres have done so at approximately 26,000 kilometres mark, almost half the expected mileage. Small car owners replaced their original tyres at 23,919 kilometers, on average, while utility vehicle owners did so at 30,910 kilometres.

“Road and traffic conditions in India impact the durability and wear and tear of a vehicle’s tyres to a large extent,” says Kaustav Roy, Director and Country Head, India at J.D. Power. “However, regular maintenance can help extend their lifespan. Tyre manufacturers should look into enhancing customer awareness by sharing best practices to elongate tyre life, such as maintaining optimum tyre pressure, driving sensibly and conducting regular servicing.”

Following are some key findings of the 2019 study:

  • Tyre satisfaction decreases with use: Overall satisfaction with Original Equipment (OE) Tyres is 827 (on a 1,000-point scale). Satisfaction is highest among customers whose tyres had travelled 15,000 kilometres or less (835), while those whose tyres travelled at least 30,000 kilometres have a satisfaction score of 824.
  • Increased usage leads to more problems: As vehicle mileage increases, customers say they’re experiencing more problems with their original tyres. At 30,000 kilometres or more, 27% of customers report having had at least one tyre problem as compared to 22% of customers whose mileage is at 15,000 kilometres or less.
  • Satisfaction drives loyalty and advocacy: Among vehicle owners who are highly satisfied with their original tyres (947 and above), 92% “definitely will” recommend their tyre brand and 86% “definitely will” repurchase the same tyre brand. In contrast, among customers who are less satisfied (740 and below), 21% say they “definitely will” recommend their brand and 20% say they “definitely will” repurchase. 

Study Rankings

Goodyear ranks highest in the small car segment, with a score of 856. Bridgestone (851) ranks second.

Bridgestone ranks highest in the midsize car segment, with a score of 861, and Goodyear (831) ranks second.

In the utility vehicle segment, Bridgestone ranks highest with a score of 836, followed by Goodyear (824).

The 2019 India Original Equipment Tyre Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI) Study is based on 3,598 responses from new-vehicle owners who purchased their vehicle between March 2015 and August 2017. The study was fielded from March through August 2018.

The study, now in its 19th year, measures satisfaction among original equipment tyre owners during the first 12 to 36 months of ownership across four factors (listed in order of importance): wear; ride; traction/handling; and appearance.

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