Chrysler Airflow Concept Preview

Chris Teague | Jan 28, 2022

Stellantis, the global automaker whose brands are best known for stuffing gigantic V8 engines into almost everything, is going electric. Last year, the auto giant announced plans to electrify, and now we’re seeing its first significant steps in that direction. At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Chrysler unveiled the Airflow concept, a fully electric crossover with striking style and innovative tech.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Arctic White Front Quarter View

The Airflow is an early concept at this stage, which means it may or may not make it to market. If it does, details and specs may be different. Regardless, the current concept features an upscale interior and forward-looking tech that shows where Stellantis and the Chrysler brand may head in the coming years. Stellantis says the entire Chrysler brand will be fully electric by 2028, and the first electric vehicle (EV) will reach the U.S. market by 2025, so the Airflow or something like it will be here very soon.

What’s New for the Chrysler Airflow Concept?

  • The Chrysler Airflow is an EV concept vehicle that previews an all-electric future for the automaker
  • The STLA SmartCockpit system enables Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, upgradeable via over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • As an early concept vehicle, no range or pricing estimates are available for the Airflow
  • Chrysler plans to electrify its lineup by 2028

Chrysler Airflow Concept Exterior

Chrysler Airflow Concept Arctic White Rear Quarter ViewThe Chrysler Airflow Concept, as its name suggests, features a swoopy, aerodynamic design with narrow headlights, a dramatically sloping hood, and sculpted sides. The concept rides on large 22-inch wheels, and its profile features a sloping fastback-style roof. Around the back, the taillights and other lighting features are incorporated into a single fixture that spans the entire rear.

Chrysler says the design gives the concept a low ride height and a streamlined shape that increases EV range. The vehicle uses LED exterior lighting with animations when the driver approaches or departs and uses a unique aqua color to signify when the car is charging.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Interior

Chrysler Airflow Concept Interior Dashboard

Though only a concept, the Airflow has an advantage over EVs built on platforms meant for gas vehicles. Its batteries are mounted underneath the passenger floor, which opens the space for an airy, lounge-like feel. The concept features metal, soft leather upholstery, and other recycled materials, including vegetable-tanned leather, floor mats, and carpeting. Chrysler used a neutral, calming color palette for the space meant to provide a welcoming space between home and work.

The Airflow’s massive infotainment screen is mounted high on the dash above open storage space. As Jeep did with the new Grand Cherokee, sister brand Chrysler incorporated a separate display and touchscreen into the dash in front of the passenger. Concept designs rarely make it into full production unchanged, so the Airflow’s flat-edged steering wheel may not end up passing the development stage.

Lighting elements are a large part of the Airflow concept’s reveal. Ambient interior light allows the driver to design a custom cabin theme, but the lights also shift colors based on the infotainment content and user preferences.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Specs

Chrysler is shy with details on the Airflow concept but has shared some information on its range. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and connected-vehicle technology to optimize route planning and charging, the Airflow delivers 350-400 miles of range and accommodates fast charging. Two 150-kW electric motors on each axle provide all-wheel drive, and Chrysler says their location near each end of the vehicle maximizes interior passenger space.

The Airflow Concept carries STLA AutoDrive, a Level 3 autonomous driving function. Level 3 is conditional automation that features the ability to react to an environment and make decisions independently. That means the car accelerates and passes on its own, but the driver must be available to take control when necessary. Chrysler says the system will get OTA updates and improve over time.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Safety

Chrysler has not outlined safety gear for the Airflow, but we can draw some conclusions from the brand’s other models. The Level 3 driving-assistance technology functions as an advanced adaptive cruise control system and can maintain the vehicle’s position relative to others on the road. If the concept or similar vehicle makes it to production, other advanced driving assistance systems will likely include blind-spot warninglane-keeping assistanceautomatic emergency braking, and more.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Technology

Though exact specs are not yet available, the Airflow demonstrates a few significant firsts for Chrysler and its parent company, Stellantis. The concept’s tech is based on Stellantis’ STLA Brain software architecture. Chrysler says the framework allows engineers to develop hardware and software separately, allowing them to create new software features without waiting on new hardware.

The Concept’s STLA SmartCockpit system features a new user interface with menu-based navigation. Information on the screen can be shared with other passengers, and the system features a high level of customization. AI-based features such as navigation, voice controls, and payment services are on board, and Chrysler says it will rely on OTA updates to add new features over time.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Competitors

Should it enter production, the Chrysler Airflow will land in the middle of a red-hot electric vehicle market. Buyers can choose between the Ford Mustang Mach-EHyundai Ioniq 5Kia EV6, Tesla Model Y, and many more.

Chrysler is the source of information in this article. It was accurate as of January 27, 2022, but it may have changed since that date. Always confirm product details and availability with the automaker’s website or your local dealership.

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