2024 Honda Prologue Preview

Chris Teague | Oct 06, 2022

Compared to other automakers, Honda has been slower to jump on the electrification bandwagon but has finally shown off its first volume electric-vehicle (EV) model. The Prologue is an all-new electric SUV with proportions similar to the Honda Passport. Honda co-developed the new Prologue with General Motors (GM) and says it will go on sale in 2024.

2024 Honda Prologue White Front Quarter View

The Prologue EV features familiar Honda styling with a clean, futuristic profile. It rides on 21-inch wheels, and Honda borrowed elements from its Japanese- and European-market e EV for the front fascia. An exclusive North Shore Pearl color will be available, which Honda says was inspired "from the natural beauty and colors near Lake Tahoe in California." In a nod to its past, Honda replaced the "H" badge on the SUV's rear with a spelled-out "HONDA" logo.

At 121.8 inches, the Prologue's wheelbase is about 11 inches longer than the Passport's, but the two models are strikingly similarly sized outside. The Passport measures 189.1 inches in length, while the Prologue checks in at 192 inches. Honda hasn't detailed interior specs yet, but that extended wheelbase will likely provide ample rear-seat legroom and cargo space.

2024 Honda Prologue Interior Dashboard

Inside, the automaker equips the all-electric Prologue with a panoramic roof and a unique light gray interior color scheme inspired by snowy mountains. An 11-inch digital gauge cluster and 11.3-inch touchscreen are standard, and Honda says the design theme is called "neo-rugged."

The Honda Prologue isn't coming until 2024, but the automaker says it believes the CR-V Hybrid is an excellent stepping stone for buyers before moving to an EV in a couple of years. Honda said its research shows that hybrid buyers are often the first to move to EVs and notes that it plans to increase hybrid sales to 50 percent of all CR-V units. It believes that by offering a two-year lease in zero-emissions vehicle states, it can transition those customers into a Prologue when the time comes.

2024 Honda Prologue White Rear Quarter View

Though it's late to the game, Honda's electrification goals are almost as aggressive as its rivals'. The automaker says it will release 30 new EV models globally by 2030 and aims for an annual sales volume of two million EV units. By 2040, Honda plans to offer a 100-percent zero-emissions lineup and partner with GM on more affordable models starting in 2026.

Honda and the author's speculation are the sources of information in this article. It was accurate as of October 6, 2022, but it may have changed since that date. Always confirm product details and availability with the automaker's website or your local dealership.

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