2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Review Update

Ron Sessions, Independent Expert | Jul 13, 2022

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In the United States, full-size pickup trucks are big business, ringing up most of the profits. The Silverado is General Motors' top-selling nameplate and was the third-best-selling model right behind the Ram pickup in North America in 2021.

As with other U.S.-based full-size pickups, the Silverado is available in half-ton (1500), three-quarter-ton (2500 HD), and one-ton (3500 HD) capacity versions. The half-ton Silverado 1500 is, by far, the most popular version and the one covered here.

For the 2022 model year, Chevrolet takes a page out of Ram's playbook. GM's bowtie brand currently sells the mid-cycle-updated Silverado 1500 model alongside the previous, lower-priced version, first sold in 2019 and now dubbed the Silverado 1500 Limited. That strategy helped the Ram pickup beat sales of the Silverado in 2019 and 2021. Chevrolet noticed.

Note that the 2022 Silverado 1500 Limited is not a trim level. Rather, it is simply the older truck available in WT (Work Truck), Custom, Custom Trail Boss, LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, LTZ, and High Country trims. Including the $1,695 destination fee, base prices for 2022 Silverado 1500 Limited trims range from $32,195 to $60,295. The updated, non-Limited 2022 Silverado 1500 is available in the same trims as the Limited, plus the all-new, off-road-oriented 4WD ZR2. Including the updated 2022 Silverado 1500’s higher $1,795 destination charge, its prices range from $36,395 to $70,195.

Under normal circumstances, Chevrolet would have marketed the updated 2022 Silverado 1500 as a 2023 model. But with the Silverado and Ram pickups locked in a tight sales battle for the bragging rights to America's second-best-selling model, the pressure was on GM to pull the updated model forward.

Chevrolet offers both the 2022 Silverado 1500 Limited and updated 2022 Silverado 1500 with a choice (depending on trim) of a 2-door regular cab, 4-door Double Cab (Chevy's name for an extended cab) with half-length rear-hinged rear doors, and a 4-door Crew Cab with four full-length front-hinged doors. Pickup bed lengths are 5.8-foot short, 6.6-foot regular, or 8.2-foot long; they are also trim-dependent. Four-wheel drive (4WD) is an extra charge with most trims.

The mid-cycle-updated 2022 Silverado 1500 brings a lot of improvements, including:

  • Minor styling tweaks to the front fascia, grille, and headlamps
  • More modern interior design
  • Significantly updated infotainment
  • Expanded safety and advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS)
  • More torque for the base, turbocharged 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine
  • A dedicated off-road, 4WD-only ZR2 model with raised suspension and racing-style shocks

Previously, J.D. Power reviewed the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. This review focuses on the Silverado 1500's updates for 2022 and how they potentially impact its overall appeal to consumers.

What Owners Say About the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Find the best Chevrolet deals!

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 4WD Crew Cab Cherry Red Tintcoat Front Quarter View

Photo: Ron Sessions

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 competes in the Large Light Duty Pickup market segment. According to data collected from verified new-vehicle buyers for the the J.D. Power 2021 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study, 88 percent of new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 buyers are male (vs. 90 percent for the segment), and the median age of a new Silverado buyer is 55 years (vs. 56).

As part of the APEAL Study, owners rated the Silverado 1500 in 10 primary categories. Listed below in descending order, you'll find their preferences, from their most favorite thing about the vehicle to their least favorite:

  • Exterior styling
  • Driving feel
  • Powertrain
  • Feeling of safety
  • Interior design
  • Setting up and starting
  • Getting in and out
  • Driving comfort
  • Infotainment
  • Fuel economy

In the 2021 APEAL Study, the Silverado 1500 ranks fifth out of six Large Light Duty Pickup models. Keep in mind that the ranking is for the 2021 Silverado 1500 only and doesn't include the 2022 Silverado 1500 Limited or the updated version of the truck.

What Our Independent Expert Says About the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Find the best Chevrolet deals!

In the sections that follow, our independent expert analyzes a Silverado 1500 LT 4WD Crew Cab equipped with the following options:

  • Cherry Red Tintcoat premium paint
  • Multi-Flex tailgate
  • Spray-on bedliner
  • 20-inch aluminum wheels
  • All-terrain tires
  • Convenience Package II (trailer brake controller, trailering app, hitch guidance with hitch view, rear sliding power window, universal home remote)
  • 60/40 split-folding rear bench seat with underfloor storage bins
  • Floor liners

The test vehicle's price was $53,480, including the $1,795 destination charge.

Upgraded Interior and Infotainment

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 4WD Crew Cab Interior Dashboard

Photo: Ron Sessions

In the 2021 APEAL Study, owners rated the Silverado's infotainment system as the truck's second least-favorite feature.

If it's hard to tell the 2022 Silverado and Silverado Limited apart from the outside, a quick peek at the dash and infotainment display will help reduce confusion about which one you are looking at. The older of the two, the Silverado Limited, has an interior that dates back to the 2019 redesign with a smaller (7- or 8-inch) infotainment screen and modular dash design that makes heavy use of hard plastic trim. The truck's interior looked declasse, particularly when compared to luxed-up versions of the arch-rival Ram 1500 pickup, also new for the 2019 model year.

Making things just a bit more confusing, the lowest trims of the new 2022 Silverado (WT, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss) retain the previous Silverado's (now Silverado Limited) older-design interior and tiny 7-inch infotainment screen. Most updated 2022 Silverado 1500 trims (LT and higher) get the upgraded interior and color displays.

The new dash features a more upscale, horizontal design with splashes of bright metallic and woodgrain accents that frame a new 12.3-inch driver-configurable gauge cluster (with four different themes) and 13.4-inch horizontal infotainment touchscreen. The more premium look continues into the door trim panels as well.

Elements of the upgraded Chevrolet Infotainment 3 system include:

  • A horizontal-format 13.4-inch high-definition infotainment touchscreen
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • Wireless Android Auto
  • Built-in Google compatibility with advanced voice recognition
  • Available Alexa skill
  • AM/FM stereo with available SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Available Wi-Fi hotspot (subscription)
  • Available OnStar (subscription)

With the wider screen, it's possible to have multiple windows open simultaneously, reducing the need to scroll through menus. Aside from the touchscreen tiles, you can access the system via hard buttons on the steering wheel as well as voice prompts. Chevrolet wisely retained an analog rotary knob for easy volume control with a gloved hand but ditched the previous tuning knob for on-screen up/down arrows that are a little harder to tap when the truck is moving.

Voice commands activated by saying "Hey Google" or a similar wakeup phrase or pushing the steering-wheel voice prompt button worked well for changing cabin temperature, playing music, and making phone calls once I paired my Android phone. However, one unanticipated outcome of the Google integration occurred after pairing my phone. The Silverado defaulted to a podcast I'd listened to months earlier in another GM vehicle, even though I had been listening to a SiriusXM channel before pairing my phone. It took a few extra clicks, but I was able to get back to the SiriusXM station, although the system once again defaulted to the old podcast the next day when I first started the truck.

Expanded Roster of Advanced Safety and Driver-Assistive Tech

In the 2021 APEAL Study, verified owners listed a feeling of safety as one of the aspects they liked most about the Silverado. By their sheer size, full-size trucks impart a sense of invincibility and strength. But in recent years, the Silverado has fallen behind some competitors in its number of standard and optional ADAS features. That changes for 2022.

The 2022 Silverado test vehicle came with the newly standard Chevy Safety Assist suite of ADAS. In addition to a high-definition reversing camera and a Buckle to Drive feature (which is akin to a modern-day seat belt interlock system without the hassles), elements include:

Though not on the LT-trim test truck, the Silverado is also available with adaptive cruise control, a head-up display, front and rear park assist (that beeps more fervently the closer the truck gets to an obstacle), rear cross-traffic warning, and a blind-spot warning system. New to the Silverado is Trailer Blind Zone Alert, which takes into account the trailer's length when alerting the driver of traffic closing in from the truck's rear quarter.

Finally, GM's vaunted Super Cruise partial hands-free driving system has made it to the updated 2022 Silverado's options list. It's available only with the range-topping High Country trim.

Optional Multi-Flex Tailgate

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 4WD Crew Cab Cherry Red Tintcoat Multi-Flex Tailgate

Photo: Ron Sessions

When GMC introduced the highly configurable MultiPro tailgate as an option on the full-size GMC Sierra 1500 pickup in 2019, GM kept it exclusive to the "Professional Grade" division to distinguish the Sierra from its corporate cousin, the Chevrolet Silverado. But with Chevrolet's best-selling model in a neck-and-neck sales race with the Ram pickup, the logic of withholding from the Silverado what is arguably the most innovative full-size pickup feature began to pale. So, starting with the 2021 model year, the bowtie brand got the fancy, optional multi-position tailgate as well. No other maker of full-size pickups, FordNissan, Ram, or Toyota included, offers such a feature.

Chevrolet dubbed the feature the Multi-Flex tailgate for the Silverado. Priced at just $445 on the 2022 Silverado 1500 LT test truck, the option transforms the gateway to the business end of the truck into a veritable Swiss Army knife of sorts.

There are six opening configurations, courtesy of a deployable upper tailgate within the traditional drop-down lower tailgate. As equipped in recent years with an electric lock and power assist, you can lower or raise the entire tailgate assembly using buttons at the tailgate, or from a keyfob or in-cab switch.

Handy for accessing bed contents without dropping the entire tailgate, you can lower the smaller upper tailgate by itself. That lowered upper tailgate can also function as a chest-level workspace. With the main tailgate lowered, the raised upper tailgate can provide a convenient load stop or bed extender for longer bed items. And finally, the upper tailgate can pivot outward from the main tailgate and function as a step (the Silverado already has smaller steps built into the corners of the rear bumper for climbing up into the bed) or bench capable of handling 375 pounds.

The Multi-Flex tailgate is an ingenious gate inside a gate unavailable on any other pickup besides the GMC Sierra.

Enhanced, Turbocharged 2.7-liter 4-cylinder Engine

In the 2021 APEAL Study, owners rate the Silverado's fuel economy as their least-favorite feature. No surprise here in this age of $5-per-gallon gasoline and $100-plus fill-ups of the 22-28.3-gallon fuel tank (depending on the model). But, interestingly, the Silverado (and its GMC Sierra cousin) is the only full-size truck to offer a 4-cylinder engine. In fact, the 2022 Silverado 1500 test vehicle had one.

Although you don't expect the engine of this hulking full-size truck to sound like it came from a Malibu, the Silverado's base turbocharged 2.7-liter 4-cylinder supplies surprisingly spunky propulsion. Indeed, power output from the 4-cylinder is a healthy 310 horsepower, while torque increased 20 percent for 2022, jumping to 430 pound-feet—more than the base engine in a Ford F-150 or Ram 1500. It responded enthusiastically to throttle inputs with little or no lag and, hooked to a quick-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission, can accelerate from rest to 60 mph in the mid-6-second range. That's roughly on par with the Silverado equipped with the venerable 5.3-liter V8 and a full second quicker than the now-discontinued 4.3-liter V6.

You can feel the reduced weight on the Silverado's nose as well, helping to make the full-size Chevy's handling just a little lighter on its feet, better balanced, and less nose-heavy. True, we're just a year or so away from Chevrolet offering a Silverado EV with no engine sound at all, just the turbine-smooth whirr of one or two electric motors spinning the axles.

Making a 2.7-liter 4-cylinder perform as well as a 5.3-liter V8 takes some effort. To that aim, the double-overhead-cam 4-cylinder features variable valve timing and lift. Other design highlights include a twin-scroll turbocharger with separate chambers to leverage the engine's exhaust pulses for a zippier response, plus a quicker-acting electric turbo wastegate and a friction-reducing electric water pump. There's a low-lift valve profile for relaxed cruising and a high-lift one for maximum power, while Active Fuel Management deactivates a pair of cylinders under coasting conditions to help conserve fuel.

Fuel economy, however, is not a big selling point for the 2.7T 4-cylinder. As it turns out, getting a 4-cylinder to run on par with a V8 requires nearly the same amount of fuel. With a combined EPA fuel-economy estimate of 20 mpg for rear-drive versions and 18 mpg for 4WD models, the lighter 2.7T isn't that much more fuel-efficient than the 5.3-liter V8. The good news is that the 2.7T runs on regular unleaded, but for even better fuel savings, look to the 3.0-liter Duramax 6-cylinder turbodiesel, which is EPA-rated at 26 mpg combined for rear-drive models and 24 mpg in 4WD variants. With 2-wheel drive, the maximum tow rating for the 2.7T is now 9,600 pounds.

Independent Expert Opinion - Find the best Chevrolet deals!

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 4WD Crew Cab Cherry Red Tintcoat Rear Quarter View

Photo: Ron Sessions

Full-size pickup trucks are ingrained into the American fabric. For the 2022 model year, Chevrolet updates its popular Silverado with much-needed advancements to its infotainment and driver-assistive technology as well as in-cabin ambiance expected of a vehicle transacting at $40,000-$70,000 and above.

Is it enough? More than likely. Full-size-truck buyers are among the most loyal and coveted an automaker can have. General Motors needs to keep the buyers of these highly profitable trucks happy as it invests billions of dollars in designing, engineering, and constructing brick-and-mortar facilities to manufacture the electric vehicles that loom large in the company's not-too-distant low-carbon future.

It's sobering to think that a fairly basic full-size pickup with 4-cylinder power, cloth upholstery, a bench front seat, and 4WD tops $50,000 out the door. But that's the market in which we find ourselves.

Because full-size truck buyers are generally a pretty conservative lot, buyers may want to consider upgrading to one of the Silverado's two highly developed and satisfying-to-drive V8 power plants, if for no other reason than resale value.

Ron Sessions is a seasoned vehicle evaluator with more than three decades of experience. He has penned hundreds of road tests for automotive and consumer websites, enthusiast magazines, newsletters, technical journals, and newspapers.

The opinions expressed in this review are the author’s own, not J.D. Power’s.

No portion of these reviews may be reproduced, distributed, publicly displayed, or used for a derivative work without J.D. Power’s written permission. © 2022 J.D. Power

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