What is the GMC MultiPro Tailgate?

Jessica Shea Choksey | Sep 27, 2022

Pickup truck owners are always looking for new and innovative features that make their vehicles more capable, practical, and versatile—mainly since so many truck owners use their pickup for work-related tasks and activities. With that in mind, GMC offers a unique tailgate configuration for its Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD models and the Hummer EV pickup that adds a multi-function component to the truck's cargo bed as either standard or optional equipment, depending on trim level. GMC calls this feature the MultiPro tailgate.

GMC MultiPro Tailgate

What is the MultiPro Tailgate?

GMC introduced the MultiPro tailgate for the 2019 model year. It is available on current GMC Sierra models and the Hummer EV pickup. Taking the company's "Professional Grade" marketing slogan to a new level, the MultiPro tailgate comprises two components—the main tailgate and a smaller one integrated within the larger unit.

You can raise and lower the smaller tailgate depending on the desired configuration. Together, the two tailgates offer six different positions for six functions, making load-in, load-out, and other everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

The Many Uses of the MultiPro Tailgate

The MultiPro tailgate offers six configurations: conventional tailgate, primary gate load stop, easy access, full-width step, inner gate load stop, and inner gate work surface. There's also a unique audio component available for this tailgate design.

GMC MultiPro Tailgate System

Conventional Tailgate

GMC's MultiPro tailgate opens and closes like any other traditional pickup truck tailgate. It releases by pushing a button at one of three locations: on the tailgate, instrument panel, or remote key fob. The tailgate raises and lowers smoothly and easily thanks to its use of a torsional spring and a damper. This design prevents the tailgate from slamming down and causing wear and tear over time.

Primary Gate Load Stop

For hauling longer items in the truck's bed, the MultiPro load stop feature prevents items from sliding out. This could include anything from lumber to longboards. With the primary gate load stop configuration, you can fold the inside panel within the inner gate upright, creating more length in the bed, but providing a barrier to keep long items from sliding away.

Easy Access

Lowering both tailgates allows someone to stand up to 9 inches closer to the pickup bed floor than a conventional tailgate. This makes it possible to reach further into the bed area, making loading and unloading easier overall.

Full-Width Step

With both tailgates released and lowered, the inner panel folds down, creating a 4-foot-wide step that GMC says can support up to 375 pounds. This step significantly eases entry and egress into the cargo bed. In addition, a hand grab that folds out from the cargo box wall assists with climbing in and out of the cargo bed.

Inner Gate Load Stop

This configuration features a two-tier loading design that allows owners to insert a divider or platform that compartmentalizes the cargo bed. In that scenario, one section may have bags of concrete while the other may have a circular saw. In addition, MultiPro provides a load stop for longer items when lowering the inner gate and unfolding the inside panel.

Inner Gate Work Surface

Whether for a laptop, power tool, or myriad other reasons, a pickup truck's tailgate can be a useful work surface. By lowering the upper gate by itself, the MultiPro tailgate establishes a horizontal surface that looks much like a traditional workbench. Add to that an in-bed, 120-volt electrical outlet for even more practicality.

Outdoor Audio

Music is a welcome addition at worksites, campsites, and tailgating events. For that, the available Kicker MultiPro Sound System accessory can be a welcome addition. This 100-watt exterior audio system integrates within MultiPro's inner gate panel.

The system comprises a compact amplifier and controls, a USB port for device charging, and full Bluetooth streaming capability. Furthermore, the truck does not need to be on or running for the system to function. Also, the system's components are weather resistant.


GMC's MultiPro tailgate is an innovative truck tailgate design that adds a new level of functionality and enjoyment to the pickup experience. This six-way tailgate is a valuable feature for pickup owners who want to maximize their use of their cargo bed area.

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