What is Genesis Remote Smart Parking Assist?

Christian Wardlaw | Mar 30, 2020

Slowly but surely, automakers are preparing the public for autonomous travel by introducing semi-autonomous driving assistance systems that can help with common tasks today. Doing so helps consumers develop trust in the technology, which is necessary if autonomous vehicles are to become a reality. Among the automakers offering this kind of technology is Hyundai, which builds Genesis luxury vehicles.

Genesis remote smart parking assist

Genesis Remote Smart Parking Assist, introduced in the redesigned 2021 Genesis G80, is able to autonomously park the car in a parallel or perpendicular parking space while a driver is sitting inside of the vehicle or standing outside of the vehicle. The system is essentially the same as what Hyundai offers for its Nexo fuel cell electric vehicle.

Four different operations are possible with Genesis Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA). The first is Smart Parking Assist, which requires the driver to remain inside of the G80. The second is Remote Parking Assist, which allows the driver to stand outside of the G80. The third is Smart Exit Assist, which helps a driver to exit a parallel parking space. The fourth is remote forward and backward operation, allowing a driver to exit the car and park it in or retrieve it from a tight spot.

Smart Parking Assist

To use Smart Parking Assist or Remote Parking Assist, the driver manually engages the system and drives at a low speed and within close proximity to parked vehicles. Sensors scan to identify an appropriately sized parallel or perpendicular parking space, and when they find one the system tells the driver to stop. Note that other vehicles must be parked on either side of a space in order for RSPA to work.

At this point, the driver must decide whether to use Smart Parking Assist or Remote Parking Assist. Smart Parking Assist requires the driver to remain inside of the vehicle, continually holding the RSPA button while the technology autonomously steers, brakes, accelerates, and operates the transmission until the vehicle is safely and securely parked.

Remote Parking Assist

If the driver chooses Remote Parking Assist, he or she puts the vehicle in Park, exits with the remote key fob, and closes the door. Once the driver is standing outside of the vehicle and within proper proximity (about 15 feet of distance), he or she controls the technology using the forward and backward buttons on the key fob.

When the vehicle is parked, the RSPA system puts the vehicle in Park, sets the emergency brake, and sounds an exterior chime to tell the driver it is finished. At that point, the driver locks the doors and walks away.

Smart Exit Assist

When the Genesis is in a parallel parking space and other motorists have parked too close to the front and back of the vehicle, Smart Exit Assist can help a driver to get the vehicle out of a tight squeeze.

The driver must be inside of the vehicle for Smart Exit Assist to work. Activate the system, and it automatically assesses the parking situation. Then, it prompts the driver to choose a left side or right side exit from the space. Hold the RSPA button down, and the Smart Exit Assist system takes care of everything, steering, braking, accelerating, and changing gears.

When it’s time for the driver to take control, the system notifies the driver.

Remote Forward/Reverse Movement

In situations where the driver wants to move the vehicle forward or backward in a straight line, RSPA allows him or her to stand outside and use the key fob to execute this command. This function is identical to what Hyundai offers on the redesigned 2020 Sonata and 2021 Elantra.

When is this mode useful? If other motorists park too close when the vehicle is in a perpendicular space, this RSPA feature comes in handy. Also, for people who have cluttered or cramped garages, it is helpful to have remote capability to move the car into or out of the space.

Note that these functions will operate only under certain conditions, and operators can pause or cancel the technology in several ways. Before using RSPA, it is important to read all instructions provided in the owner’s manual.

The operational details in this article are based on the RSPA system in the Hyundai Nexo. Genesis has confirmed RSPA for the 2021 G80 but has not defined specific operational details aside from both smart and remote parallel and perpendicular parking capability and remote forward and reverse movement.

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