Concept-Jeep Patriot EV Preview

Jeff Youngs | Feb 24, 2012
  • Range-extended hybrid version of the front-wheel-drive Jeep Patriot
  • Combines electric-drive components with a small gasoline engine and integrated electric generator
  • 40-mile all-electric driving range with zero gasoline consumption and zero tailpipe emissions
  • 400-mile total driving range including gasoline engine
  • Gasoline engine powers the electric motors, not to drive the Patriot EV's wheels, when the battery pack requires a full recharge
  • Produces at least 50-percent fewer CO2 emissions than a comparable vehicle when operated on gas engine
  • Seats five passengers



The Jeep Patriot EV Concept was one of several electric vehicles that Chrysler LLC introduced at the 2009 North American International Auto Show.The Patriot EV Concept, which has a similar propulsion system to the , combines a plug-in electric powertrain with a small gasoline engine, and is one of several range-extended electric and full-electric vehicle concepts that Chrysler LLC is considering for production. Based on the production-model Jeep Patriot, the front-wheel-drive Patriot EV Concept offers the same passenger capacity and cargo utility combined with electric power for short commutes, better fuel economy when using gasoline, and fewer tailpipe emissions than the gas-engined Patriot.


The Jeep Patriot EV Concept looks just like the 2009 Jeep Patriot, with few exceptions. A unique 5-spoke wheel design in a larger size gives the Jeep Patriot EV Concept a wide stance, and it's equipped with a full-length roof rack. The interior features the same updated elements introduced in the refreshed 2009 Jeep Patriot, including a revised interior with a new instrument panel, dashboard and center console; chrome accents; and amenities such as a carpeted load floor and LED-illuminated front cupholders. The tachometer is replaced by a display that monitors electric drive system and fuel ranges. As a differentiator, the Jeep Patriot EV features a new Green Pearl exterior paint color with prominent "EV" graphics on each side of the vehicle. The interior is Dark Slate Gray.


The Jeep Patriot EV Concept uses an electric-drive motor to provide power to the front wheels. An advanced lithium-ion battery system supplies up to 40 miles of pure electric power for shorter commutes and errand-running, resulting in zero fuel consumption and zero emissions. Since commuting distances have been increasing as people move farther from their workplace, the U.S. Census Bureau points out that the average commuter who travels an average distance of 18 miles to work and back each day will use up at least 1.5 gallons for a round trip. The Jeep Patriot EV Concept could save some 75 gallons of gasoline per year and reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere significantly as well, just with the flexibility of using the range-extended engine. Based on these figures, the Patriot EV Concept could conceivably provide up to 20 percent higher fuel economy annually for an average commuter. For longer trips, a small gasoline engine with an integrated electric generator produces additional energy to power the electric-drive system when needed, extending the vehicle's driving range to nearly 400 miles before a recharge. The gasoline engine does not power the Jeep's drive wheels; rather, it supplies energy to the electric-drive motor which, in turn, powers the drive wheels.

The Jeep Patriot EV Concept's alternative electric-drive powertrain produces 150 kilowatts, or 200 horsepower. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in about 8 seconds and will finish a quarter-mile run in something close to 16 seconds on the way to a top speed of more than 100 mph, Chrysler states. Like its corporate EV siblings, a regenerative braking system recovers energy and recharges the batteries when coasting or braking.


The range-extended Jeep Patriot EV Concept offers the best of both worlds in terms of power and efficiency. It is one of five vehicle concepts with electric components that have been developed and likely will be produced in the next few years by Chrysler's ENVI Group, which gets its name from the first 4 letters of "Environmental." The Jeep Patriot EV Concept, which is a pure electric vehicle, uses the same powertrain components that are shared among all of Chrysler's ENVI Group projects-which includes the , , and the . Chrysler's ENVI Group and its subsidiary GEM, which makes neighborhood electric vehicles for residential and retirement communities throughout the U.S., expects to produce as many as 500,000 electric vehicles by 2013.

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