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Considering purchasing a certified pre-owned car? Look no further. Read what you should look for and what to avoid before you start shopping to get the best possible CPO deal. Learn about inspections and what makes the best certified pre-owned vehicle from experts’ tips and advice.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicle Education

What Is Involved In A Certified Pre-Owned Warranty
Through the certified pre-owned dealership channel, automakers want to convey an image of longer-term dependability with their brand. The inclusion of a warranty plays a role towards reinforcing the perception of quality.
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Top Tips in Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
Buying a certified pre-owned, or CPO vehicle is an attractive option for many prospective car buyers who are not in the market for a brand-new vehicle. Here are some top buying tips to consider when shopping for a CPO vehicle to ensure that you’re getting the best value and a dependable car.
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How to Choose the Right CPO Program
With so many certified pre-owned vehicle programs to choose from, how do you know what's right for you? We clear up confusion and break down how you can choose the CPO program that best fits your needs.
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6 Most Reliable Certified Pre-Owned Trucks
Smart truck buyers know that no matter how great the country is doing economically, it is still wiser from an overall cost perspective to get a used truck than it is a brand-new one, which will depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot.
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8 Most Reliable Certified Pre-Owned Cars
When choosing a pre-owned car, selecting one that is known to be reliable can also help you to conserve money. See which cars made our list for the 8 most reliable certified pre-owned vehicles.
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7 Most Reliable Certified Pre-Owned SUVs
Based on the feedback provided by tens of thousands of verified new-vehicle owners, the 2015 model-year vehicles listed below are a good bet when you’re shopping for a certified pre-owned SUV.
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5 Reasons You Should Not Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
Conventional wisdom states that buying a CPO vehicle is the smartest choice. However, there are five reasons you might not wish to give a CPO vehicle consideration...
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Why Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car is Just Plain Smart
When you buy a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle, you won't be the first owner, putting the first few thousand miles on it. But there's no denying that buying a CPO used car is just plain smart.
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Automakers Offering Low Interest Rates on Certified Pre-Owned Cars
To provide consumers with concrete examples of the interest rates on CPO cars, we examined the special offers available from a range of luxury and non-luxury brands.
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How Car Companies Inspect Vehicles for Certified Pre-Owned Programs
Purchasing a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle is a smart way to get a like-new car, truck, or SUV at a great price with a formidable warranty.
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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles - The Third Option for Consumers
NADA Used Car Guide and J.D. Power recently published a perspective on certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle programs. Learn more...
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Certified Pre-Owned Programs vs. Extended Service Contracts
There are two primary ways for used-vehicle dealers to provide peace of mind to their customers. The first is through a certified pre-owned (CPO) program backed by the auto manufacturer.
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The Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
All things considered equal, it costs more to buy a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle than it does to buy the same used vehicle when it is not part of a CPO program. However, while non-CPO vehicles are typically less expensive, they are not equal to CPO vehicles.
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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles
Thanks to manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO) programs, buying a used vehicle can involve less risk and provide you with added benefits. Here are some facts to keep in mind as you consider whether purchasing a CPO vehicle is right for you. 
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