New Audi Infotainment System Brings Speed, Flexibility to 2021 Models

Liz Kim | May 11, 2020

Audi is improving its Multi-Media Interface (MMI) infotainment system with what it calls a “Generation 3” system. First introduced in the 2020 Audi A4 and A5 lineups (including the S4 and S5), almost the entire roster of 2021 Audi models will get the new infotainment system.

Audi MIB3 Infotainment System A4 Dashboard

Dubbed MIB 3 (Modular Infotainment Toolkit 3), this third-generation technology is 10 times faster to respond and is more powerful than the outgoing MIB 2 system, thanks to new microchips from Samsung and a Linux-based operating system specifically tested and vetted for automotive applications.

As a result, MIB 3 provides rapid response to input in combination with a greater ability to understand natural speech, and a broader and more sophisticated set of features and functions including next-generation Audi Connect services. The end result, Audi hopes, is greater reliability, more flexibility, and a more satisfying user experience.

New features include:

  • Unlimited Verizon LTE Wi-Fi service with Audi Connect Plus and Prime, with connectivity for up to eight devices.
  • SiriusXM 360L satellite radio giving owners more available content to stream, with “For You” recommendations based on what you listen to. Audi says the change amounts to more than 10,000 hours of content.
  • A Hybrid Digital radio feature lets you continue to listen to your favorite FM stations even when the signal becomes weaker as you drive away from the area. It automatically switches to the digital version of the station, resulting in a more seamless listening experience.
  • An Integrated Toll Module allowing you to manage multiple toll accounts and get rid of individual toll modules to reduce clutter on the windshield. Includes the ability to program occupant settings for HOV lanes.
  • Access to Amazon Alexa Auto for A4, A5, and Q5 owners (other Audis already offer this).
  • Navigation maps featuring monthly, rather than quarterly, updates.
  • Function on Demand, which allows you to purchase apps through the myAudi marketplace. At first, it will offer an in-car navigation app in the event your MIB 3 system does not include it from the factory.

Models with the new Audi infotainment system will start arriving in dealerships during the second half of 2020.

The information in this article is from Audi. It was true and accurate as of May 11, 2020 but may have changed since that date.

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