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How Far Does a Tesla Go on One Charge? More Than 400 Miles

Christian Wardlaw | Jun 16, 2020

Tesla has published a new Model S EPA estimate for maximum driving range on a single charge. The large electric vehicle (EV) is now rated to travel up to 402 miles on one charge, enough to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles without stopping.

Tesla Model S front view in red

According to Tesla, the automaker surpassed the 400-mile electric vehicle range mark by reducing the car’s weight, decreasing rolling resistance through drivetrain and tire changes, and adopting a more aerodynamic standard 19-inch wheel design. A new regenerative braking Hold function also captures more energy during braking, feeding it to the battery pack. Battery chemistry is unchanged.

The new range estimate is offered only with the standard Long Range Plus version of the Model S, which has a starting price of $74,900, reflecting a recent $5,000 price cut. The car’s 3.7-second acceleration time to 60 mph remains the same, as does a top speed of 155 mph.

The Model S Performance retains a range estimate of 348 miles, trading distance for speed in exchange for $94,990. With this version of the car, you’ll get to 60 mph faster (in 2.3 seconds with Ludicrous Mode engaged), but you’ll get to L.A. slower. 

Tesla also applies some of these improvements to the Model X SUV, which travels 351 miles on a charge in Long Range Plus specification ($79,990).

The new and improved Model S Long Range Plus is available to order now.

The information in this article is from Tesla. It was accurate on June 16, 2020 but may have changed since that date.

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