New and Used Leaf Prices, Nissan Leaf Model Years and History

Nissan Leaf Models

2019 Nissan LEAF trims

2019 LEAF

The Compact Leaf gives you a stylish and modern way to reduce your carbon footprint.

2018 Nissan LEAF trims

2018 LEAF

The LEAF economizes space and cost, and will save drivers lots of money at the pump.

2017 Nissan LEAF trims

2017 LEAF

Nissan’s Leaf delivers a modern take on the all-electric vehicle, one that comes with an impressive per-charge range, offered at a price that may surprise you.

2016 Nissan LEAF trims

2016 LEAF

The efficient and electric Nissan Leaf offers a generous mileage range per charge, along with being competitively priced and feature rich.

2015 Nissan LEAF trims

2015 LEAF

The Nissan Leaf is a best-selling compact electric hatchback that offers all the creature comforts, replete with a signature style and appeal.

2014 Nissan LEAF trims

2014 LEAF

One of the most plentiful electric cars sold worldwide, the 2014 Nissan Leaf is proving to be a reliable urban performer with many perks.

2013 Nissan LEAF trims

2013 LEAF

A zero emission vehicle, the 2013 Nissan LEAF is a 5-door electric hatchback capable of achieving an equivalent of 129 mpg city.

2012 Nissan LEAF trims

2012 LEAF

An electric vehicle with a 5-star overall safety rating, the 2012 Nissan Leaf boasts zero tailpipe emissions and an 100-mile per charge range.

2011 Nissan LEAF trims

2011 LEAF

A pure electric vehicle, the 2011 Nissan Leaf boasts zero tailpipe emissions, making the compact hatchback the ultimate "green" vehicle.

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About Leaf

In 2011, Nissan approached the budding 21st century electric vehicle market with a widely-available zero-emissions product. A five-door, five-passenger hatchback, the Nissan Leaf was purposely developed to be a relatively affordable electric car suited for low-range everyday life. Powered by an 80-kilowatt AC synchronous motor functioning on energy stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, the Nissan Leaf boasted a 100-mile driving range (later EPA-rated at 84 miles). The vehicle can be recharged using 120-volt, 240-volt or through an available quick charge port that restores up to 80 percent of electricity to the battery in about 26 minutes. For 2013, the Nissan Leaf's base price dropped with the arrival of the S trim model. Providing a hardware upgrade to the 2016 Leaf, a larger 30-kWh battery allowed the range for the electric car to be extended to 107 miles. The Nissan Leaf is currently recognized as the most successful electric car in history with more than 200,000 vehicles sold worldwide as of the start of 2016. Since 2013, the Nissan Leaf production has involved manufacturing in Smyrna, Tennessee.