What Is A Toy Hauler? Here are Little Known Facts

If you love exploring the outdoors, you’ll want something that makes your camping or hiking trips more fun and memorable. A toy hauler is an excellent addition that allows you to travel to your off-road destinations and carry the comforts of home along with you.

Not many people are familiar with toy haulers. In this guide, you’ll learn all about toy haulers and will have the basic knowledge you need.

So What Exactly is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is a type of RV or camping trailer that has a design meant to haul toys. That doesn’t include small toys—rather, toys like snowmobiles, golf carts, motorcycles, quads, and dirt bikes. 

The hauler has a rear wall that drops down and works to drive the big toys in and out.

Toy haulers differ in size and features from big family caravans. You’ll find compact off-road camper trailers, massive equipment haulers with living space, and large caravans with dedicated storage for your equipment.

A toy hauler RV combines an equipment hauler and a mobile living space into an all-in-one package, something that reduces the time spent loading items.  You’ll have more time to spend outdoors and have a place to sleep.

These haulers have a main living area with a small kitchen. You’ll likely find a bed. Some models have a garage space that converts into a sitting area when the couches fold down. Large toy haulers have a fixed living room with extra storage space next to a door.

Types of Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are available in four models, mainly motorcoach toy haulers, 5th wheels, cargo trailers, and travel trailers.  Here’s a quick overview of each kind of hauler.

Travel Toy Haulers

Travel trailer prices are affordable, unlike the 5th wheel toy haulers and motorhome toy haulers.

Most of them have enough living space and ample storage space to carry your toys. Furthermore, they are versatile and convenient. All you need is to detach the hitch and free the towing car.

5th Wheel Toy Haulers

The fifth-wheelers connect to the bed of a truck with a jaw hitch. The connection makes them more stable. Furthermore, you get more livable space. You can find optional features like ample storage areas, a workshop, and fold-up sofas or beds.

These haulers are luxurious and work well for people who spend most of their time on the road. 5th wheelers are ideal for those looking for long-term livability.

Motorcoach Toy Haulers

Motorcoach toy hauler offer convenience and luxury. These haulers don’t need you to worry about hitching or towing the car to the hauler as they have an all-in-one setup.  A motorhome combines a living space, a toy hauling space, and a vehicle.

Although these haulers offer unmatched luxury and all-in-one design, they are expensive and can cost an upwards of $200,000.  They are also less flexible unless you’re hauling a motorbike or a compact vehicle in the cargo area.

Cargo Trailer Toy Haulers

These haulers do not have a living area or sleeping compartment, but only storage space.  You can load and unload your cargo without difficulty as these haulers have a side entry door and a ramp.  Cargo haulers work well for anyone who has accommodation sorted and only needs a safe enclosure for his toys.

Who Uses Toy Haulers

Outdoor enthusiasts would find these trailers ideal for heading out into the wilderness.  You can stay off the grid as they have a fuel station and huge water tanks. Moreover, as an outdoor lover, you can bring your dirt bikes and quads along to have an exciting trip out in the woods.

Having a toy hauler camper as a motorsport enthusiast allows you to stay on top of motorsports racing events.  You can pack, store, and transport your equipment. Moreover, you get a space to prepare your meals, refresh and wash up after competition.

As a motorcyclist, you can take your bike on all adventures.  You can choose the toy hauler and hop on the bike to explore the surrounding areas. Contractors find these haulers convenient as they can easily carry their equipment for work.

How Toy Haulers Differ From Travel Trailers

The main differences between toy haulers and travel trailers used to be the interior space and weight.  However, modern toy haulers have more features that make them different from travel trailers.

Some of the areas these two differ include:

Off-road Handling

Toy haulers are capable of handling off-road better than travel trailers as they have a massive frame.  Moreover, toy haulers have a sturdy frame, suspensions, and axels.


Although toy haulers weigh more than travel trailers, you should consider other factors like carrying capacity and hitch weight.  Toy haulers have a heavy hitch weight despite being designed to carry extra weight. New toy haulers have an aluminum body construction and frame, something that makes them durable and light.

Garage Space

Toy haulers have a garage space that’s 8-13ft. long with a side or rear ramp to get other equipment on board. However, modern haulers allow you to convert your garage into a dining area, a sleeping area, or a family room.  That makes toy haulers more convenient and versatile.


A Travel trailer has more interior storage space than toy haulers. Nonetheless, toy haulers have garage storage space that you can use to store bicycles, kayaks, chairs, coolers, and more.

Interior Features

Toy haulers and travel trailers have unique interior features. Travel trailers have features that rival with bigger RVs and fifth wheels. You can buy trailers with two bathrooms, different bedrooms, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a recreation area, and a bunkhouse.

Although toy haulers have a small living space, they feature upgraded interior and exterior features that maximize the space.


A toy hauler can cost between $20,000 to upwards of $100,000 depending on amenities, size, brand, time of year, and the place you purchase the hauler.  New travel trailers average between $15,000-$30,000 depending on amenities, materials, and size. Other factors like weight, floor plan, and construction methods may affect new RV prices.

What are the Cons of a Toy Hauler?

Toy haulers can be either two-axle or three-axle. 

Two-axle haulers have a few cons, including the following:

Small Size

Two-axle toy haulers are small, which means they can only accommodate specific sized toys. You can’t carry large equipment or big motorbikes on this type of hauler. They won’t fit properly on the two-axle structure.

Cannot Hold Heavy Items

Although this hauler allows you to load and unload your toys on the road, it won’t handle heavy items due to the pressure exerted on the trailer frame.

Three-axle toy haulers feature an extra axle to stabilize the weight. Some of the disadvantages of a three-axle toy hauler include:

Costly to Operate

Three-axle toy haulers are fuel-guzzlers, which may cost you more to operate in the end. You may have to spend more on gas to reach your destination.

Bulky and Heavy

These toy haulers have a design that accommodates a massive load, something that can make them challenging to maneuver or drive.  Moreover, making any tight turns may cause the hauler to wear out on the front and rear axle tires.

Three-axle toy haulers are broad than regular ones, which may require you to have towing experience.

The Smell of Gas from ATVs or Bikes

Sometimes you might have to endure the smell of has from your ATVs or bikes.  If you fail to wait for the toys to cool off before loading them, you may find this smell irritating.

What’s more, you may need to wash off dirt and mud from the toys before loading them up to your hauler.

Final Thoughts

Toy haulers are fantastic machines that are versatile and convenient. You can bring a dirt bike, Jet Ski, or motorcycle to your outdoor adventure without worrying about where to store or tow them. What’s more, you can convert the garage space to a living area.

It’s the ideal travel partner if you want to hit the dunes, small trails, or open waters. Check out the available rvs for sale to find a hauler that you like.