J.D. Power Vs Edmunds Car Reviews

Edmunds Car Reviews offers insights into vehicle rankings, road tests, best of vehicle lists, editorial recommendations, etc. J.D. Power, on the other hand, renowned for its 100-Point Score for vehicles, assigns them through detailed feedback from verified vehicle owners about their ownership & driving experience.
J.D. Power

We at J.D. Power establish our independent awards, and unbiased car reviews and ratings from detailed survey feedback from hundreds of thousands of verified vehicle owners. The data is a derivation of real owner experiences from the third month to the third year of vehicle ownership.

Our car ratings reflect answers to questions related to quality & reliability, dealership experience, driving experience, and resale value. Based on those answers, we segment the car market by price, and size, and then use the data to create car ratings.

Eventually, from these ratings, comes the J.D. Power 100-Point Score, an overall rating given to each model once per year. This 100-Point Score gives consumers a high-level summary of the vehicle that can be used as a quick-reference for car ratings.

Consumers can convert the J.D. Power 100-Point Score into four classifications:

  • Among the Best (90-100)
  • Above Average (81-90)
  • Average (70-80)
  • Below Average (0-69)

The J.D. Power 100-Point Score is based on the following categories, weighted as indicated:

  • Quality and Reliability (30%)
  • Driving Experience (30%)
  • Dealership Experience (30%)
  • Resale Value (10%)

You can read more about our Ratings Methodology here.


Edmunds car reviews offer vehicle rankings across every category, long-term road tests which glean thorough reports from over a year of daily driving, “best of” lists, and comprehensive reviews for every make & model.

To explore Edmunds reviews, enter the make, model, and year and click “Go.” The review page starts with “what’s new” in comparison with past models plus a brief list of pros and cons. Following the overview, you’ll find a short description of each vehicle, and its most notable features—from what it is to why it matters in today’s market.

Alternative competitive vehicles have their own section, giving you comparable options to explore. An in-depth exploration of the auto’s drivability, and overall driver experience helps provide a realistic idea of what it’s like to be behind the wheel.

A thoughtful description of the interior and passenger spaces helps round out consumer perceptions of each make and model. Discussion on practicality and usefulness in a variety of driving scenarios offer up more information than you would get out a test drive as the average consumer. Fuel economy and a decisive “is it worth buying” summary can help you narrow down your purchasing decision.

Edmunds car reviews also feature an editor recommendation, taking the review’s make, model, and year option into consideration. In cases where the reviewed auto doesn’t rank highly, editors suggest alternatives which performed better in reviews. Additional model years offer further research into potential purchases, and consumer reviews add depth.

Edmunds reviews cover safety and specs, but further down the review page, they also run comparisons between the vehicle they review and alternative selections. These quick run-downs help highlight the features and drawbacks of each option and clarify discrepancies.

Edmunds reviews feature plenty of photos and videos that highlight the features of nearly every vehicle on the market, plus autos which will soon roll out.

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