Edmunds Car Value and Reviews Vs. J.D. Power

Edmunds offers car reviews and insights into vehicle rankings, road tests, best of vehicle lists, editorial recommendations, etc., as well as provides values & pricing information. J.D. Power, on the other hand, renowned for its 100-Point Score for vehicles, assigns them through detailed feedback from verified vehicle owners about their ownership & driving experience. Learn more about these two below.

J.D. Power

J.D. Power has cemented a reputation for professionally accumulating and analyzing data in the best interest of consumers. For the automotive field, verifiable & unbiased information of real-world experiences endured by real vehicle owners is gathered through surveying the market from the third month to the third year of vehicle ownership.

The feedback generated from verified vehicle customers is used to segment the car market by price & size to create car ratings.

J.D. Power Score Classifications

Best (91-100)

  • Models within the "best" classification are the highest rated within their category according to their owner

Great (81-90)

  • Models belonging in the "great" classification didn't rate high enough to be considered for the top of their category, but were better than the average ratings within their category

Average (70-80)

  • Models within the "average" classification earned a par score within their category
  • As a benchmark, the average 100-Point Score is settled at 80 for the most recent model year, and older models usually experience a lower average rating than 80

On top of all that, serving consumers with a fuller understanding of car pricing and value, our J.D. Power Verified Fair Price is a dependable indicator that one is not overpaying for the desired vehicle. Using the purchasing information from over 12 million retail transactions each year, we keep close tabs on the average price and the price range paid by the majority of the people. Dealers who qualify will have the J.D. Power Verified Fair Price badge applied! Seeing that badge grants the assurance that the price is close to the average in that region.

You can read more about our ratings methodology here, and Verified Fair Price here.


Edmunds is a leading website for consumers looking to buy a used or new vehicle, sell their vehicle, or estimate the costs associated with a vehicle. From comprehensive reviews and vehicle rankings to car-buying & valuation tools, Edmunds is an one-stop resource for consumers and dealership owners to ensure fair pricing and deals. When used together, Edmunds’ reviews and tools offer valuable insight into the car-buying process and the current market.

Edmunds Car Value & Pricing

Although Edmunds is primarily a review site for automobiles, it also offers pricing information for vehicles. Edmunds value guides were once published only in print form, but you can now utilize its wealth of pricing resources directly on its website.

Edmunds sources its pricing data from mostly from dealerships that have authorized data downloads to Edmunds, which gets up-to-date pricing weekly for accuracy. Edmunds then coordinates this data with its team of industry experts and statisticians who consider other factors that affect value, like location and seasonality, to create its website valuation tools. True Market Value® (TMV®) is one of Edmunds’ most popular resources for consumers. This tool shows you what others have paid for new and used vehicles in your area to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions. Dealerships also use TMV to aid negotiations and prove fair pricing to customers.

Edmunds also offers a True Cost to Own® (TCO®) pricing system that uses a set of proprietary data to help you estimate the potential costs associated with a vehicle you are considering purchasing. TCO® combines financial factors, like insurance premiums, depreciation, fuel cost, and projected maintenance fees, to determine how much you can expect to spend on your vehicle for the next five years.

Additionally, consumers can use Edmunds to get new car pricing along with calculating a loan, finding their trade-in value, and utilizing other car-buying tools. Edmunds also includes an estimated appraisal tool for vehicles, with the option of searching for a specific auto by vehicle identification number (VIN).

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