New and Used Golf R Prices, Volkswagen Golf R Model Years and History

Volkswagen Golf R Models

2019 Volkswagen Golf R trims

2019 Golf R

The sporty Golf R delivers a unique version of this car for sports enthusiasts.

2018 Volkswagen Golf R trims

2018 Golf R

The Golf R delivers a fully-loaded version of this best-selling sport hatchback.

2017 Volkswagen Golf R trims

2017 Golf R

Volkswagen’s sporty Golf R combines the fun of a hatchback with the zest of sportiness, delivering a roomy, feature-rich ride that’s ideal for taking on your next adventure.

2016 Volkswagen Golf R trims

2016 Golf R

The Volkswagen Golf R offers roomy seating with a sporty hatchback feel that was made to own every curve and dip of the wide-open road.

2015 Volkswagen Golf R trims

2015 Golf R

Built for speed, performance and looks, the Volkswagen Golf R is for lovers of the wide-open road.

2013 Volkswagen Golf R trims

2013 Golf R

Relatively unchanged for 2013, the Volkswagen Golf R is a performance-oriented hatchback available in three door and five door trim levels.

2012 Volkswagen Golf R trims

2012 Golf R

A performance oriented version of the Volkswagen Golf, the 2012 Golf R is the fastestproduction VW offered in the U.S. with a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds.

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About Golf R

An all-new model for Volkswagen in 2012, the Golf R boasted a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 256 horses and plenty of interior features and sporty specs to make lovers of hogging the road drool. The Golf R would coast into 2013 unchanged.