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About Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is one of the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that could be purchased by the American driving public. The word Mirai is a Japanese word translated into English to mean ‘future'. Slightly longer than a Camry sedan, the Toyota Mirai features a cutting-edge four-door sedan appearance. Supplied by two carbon fiber-reinforced pressurized hydrogen tanks, the fuel cell processes the gas into electrical energy used to power a 151-horsepower electric motor. The rated driving range for the Toyota Mirai is 312 miles and hydrogen refueling time is projected to take roughly five minutes. LED headlights, heated mirrors, power adjustable front seats, premium audio system and Lane Departure warning system is all standard equipment on the Mirai. The official sale date for the Toyota Mirai was on October 21, 2015 coinciding with the fictional futuristic date travelled to in the film ‘Back to the Future II'. Due to the scarce existence of publicly accessible hydrogen refueling sources in the United States, the Mirai's sales is limited to regions in California.