New and Used Matrix Prices, Toyota Matrix Model Years and History

Toyota Matrix Models

2013 Toyota Matrix trims

2013 Matrix

Now equipped with hands-free phone capabilities and upgraded sound, the 2013 Toyota Matrix is a five-door hatchback capable of achieving 32 miles per gallon.

2012 Toyota Matrix trims

2012 Matrix

The 2012 Toyota Matrix is a five-door hatchback available with navigation, premium sound, and remote keyless entry.

2011 Toyota Matrix trims

2011 Matrix

A five-door hatchback that combines Toyota reliability with hatchback practicality, the 2011 Toyota Matrix is an overall great pick.

2010 Toyota Matrix trims

2010 Matrix

A mash-up of utility and sportiness, the 2010 Toyota Matrix is an affordable hatchback that is able to handle both cargo and curves with relative ease.

2009 Toyota Matrix trims

2009 Matrix

A user-friendly ergonomic design and good fuel economy make the 2009 Toyota Matrix compact hatchback/wagon a practical choice.

2008 Toyota Matrix trims

2008 Matrix

A sporty wagon, the 2008 Toyota Matrix is fun and safe at the same time with a zippy 1.8L engine and a five-star safety rating.

2007 Toyota Matrix trims

2007 Matrix

A sporty yet affordable wagon, the 2007 Toyota Matrix is now just available in the base and XR trims which are both powered by the efficient 1.8L four-cylinder engine.

2006 Toyota Matrix trims

2006 Matrix

The 2006 Toyota Matrix is a sporty five-passenger compact wagon that is powered by a 1.8L four-cylinder which earns over 30 mpg, making the Matrix an economical choice.

2005 Toyota Matrix trims

2005 Matrix

The 2005 Toyota Matrix is a five-passenger compact sports wagon that offers a fun driving experience and a surprising amount of interior space.

2004 Toyota Matrix trims

2004 Matrix

The 2004 Toyota Matrix is a five-passenger compact wagon with a 36 mpg highway fuel-economy rating thanks to the 1.8L four-cylinder engine.

2003 Toyota Matrix trims

2003 Matrix

A totally new offering, the sporty 2003 Toyota Matrix is a stylish wagon with seating for up to five passengers and the same engine options as the sporty Celica.

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About Matrix

The compact Matrix was introduced in 2003 as a fuel efficient and reliable, small-sized hatchback with a signature look and appeal. Itd pass into 2004 unchanged. For the 2005 Matrix, Toyota added a new bumper, new tail lights, a new grill, and stability control. There were no major updates for model years 2006-2008.


The 2009 Matrix was rolled out and offered a new 2.4-liter engine with all-wheel-drive. 2010 would see no updates, with all-powered accessories, cruise control, folding mirrors and rear-seat heat ducts being added as standard features in 2011. While 2012 got no significant updates, a new audio system was added in 2013.