New and Used Legacy Prices, Subaru Legacy Model Years and History

Subaru Legacy Models

2020 Subaru Legacy trims

2020 Legacy

The 2020 Subaru Legacy adds another excellent reason as to why this affordable and attractive vehicle has endured for 29 years for the automaker.

2019 Subaru Legacy trims

2019 Legacy

2019 brings the inclusion of some great safety features on the standard Legacy. The sleek sedan continues its tradition of comfort combined with sporty engineering.

2018 Subaru Legacy trims

2018 Legacy

The Legacy rounds out the Subaru fleet with its edgy and curvaceous design, and modern family sedan offerings.

2017 Subaru Legacy trims

2017 Legacy

The Subaru Legacy merges technology features with a comfortable drive, offering a fully-featured sedan that comes with trademark reliability.

2016 Subaru Legacy trims

2016 Legacy

The Subaru Legacy offers an economical sedan with plentyof trim levels for those seeking added amenities.

2015 Subaru Legacy trims

2015 Legacy

New for 2015, the Subaru Legacy provides the excellent all-weather driving capability that has come to epitomize the brand without compromising safety, style or fuel economy.

2014 Subaru Legacy trims

2014 Legacy

A mid-size sedan with permanent AWD, the 2014 Subaru Legacy boasts all of the typical sedan elements with all season drivability.

2013 Subaru Legacy trims

2013 Legacy

New for 2013, the Subaru Legacy is a mid-size sedan can be equipped with a DOHC 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 173 hp or 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 256 hp.

2012 Subaru Legacy trims

2012 Legacy

A mid-size sedan capable of 31 miles per gallon, the 2012 Subaru Legacy is available with leather seats, navigation, and a rear-vision camera.

2011 Subaru Legacy trims

2011 Legacy

Redesigned for 2010, the 2011 Subaru Legacy is a versatile midsize sedan with sharp handling, all-wheel drive capability and more room than ever before.

2010 Subaru Legacy trims

2010 Legacy

Totally redesigned for the new year, the 2010 Subaru Legacy is a five-passenger sedan that is well-equipped across all trim levels.

2009 Subaru Legacy trims

2009 Legacy

The 4-door 2009 Subaru Legacy midsize sedan is highlighted by horizontally opposed engines that power the car's performance, while delivering all-wheel drive and good test crash scores

2008 Subaru Legacy  trims

2008 Legacy

No longer offered as a wagon, the 2008 Subaru Legacy is an AWD four-door sedan loaded with a great list of standard equipment and safety features.

2007 Subaru Legacy Sedan trims

2007 Legacy Sedan

A sporty sedan with standard AWD, the 2007 Subaru Legacy Sedan is offered in a range of trims from efficient up to performance oriented.

2007 Subaru Legacy Wagon trims

2007 Legacy Wagon

The 2007 Subaru Legacy Wagon is a five-passenger car loaded with standard safety features like side-body airbags, daytime running lights, and AWD.

2006 Subaru Legacy Sedan trims

2006 Legacy Sedan

A stylish, AWD sedan with more interior room than the Impreza, the 2006 Subaru Legacy Sedan offers a range of engines up to the fun 250 hp supplied by the GT Spec B trim.

2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon trims

2006 Legacy Wagon

If you like the styling of the Legacy sedan but need more space for cargo, the 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon is exactly what you are looking for.

2005 Subaru Legacy Sedan  trims

2005 Legacy Sedan

Redesigned for the new year, the 2005 Subaru Legacy is a five-passenger sports sedan that offers more interior room and more refined styling over the Impreza.

2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon  trims

2005 Legacy Wagon

The 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon is a sporty hauler that seats five passengers and offers great cargo space over the similarly equipped Legacy sedan.

2004 Subaru Legacy Sedan  trims

2004 Legacy Sedan

The 2004 Subaru Legacy Sedan is a mid-size five-passenger AWD car that offers more mature styling and interior volume than the Impreza.

2004 Subaru Legacy Wagon  trims

2004 Legacy Wagon

The 2004 Subaru Legacy Wagon is a mid-size five-passenger AWD wagon available in a range of trims all powered by a 2.4L four-cylinder engine.

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About Legacy

The new 3.0 R Limited trim was lauded for the 2008 Subaru Legacy, which also boasted a new instrument panel a telescoping and tilting steering wheel and updated interior components. Stability control was added as a standard feature in 2009, alongside updates to most trim levels. A redesigned Subaru Legacy was issued in 2010, boasting a roomier interior, new exterior styling and more powerful engine output. The Subaru Legacy would pass through model years 2011-2012 with subtle changes made to trim levels and optional add-ons. In 2013, the Subaru Legacy got a restyled front end, a beefed-up four-cylinder engine, updated suspension, an improved continuously variable transmission (CVT) and Bluetooth integration. It would carry over into 2014 basically unchanged.