New and Used Sierra 3500HD Prices, GMC Sierra 3500HD Model Years and History

GMC Sierra 3500HD Models

2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2021 Sierra 3500HD

The 2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD is a powerhouse of a truck with two large engine options and plenty of interior comfort and entertainment features.

2020 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2020 Sierra 3500HD

Boasting of excellent innovations and different sizes, the 2020 Sierra 3500 HD guarantees performance, comfort, and functionality in any terrain.

2019 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2019 Sierra 3500HD

The Sierra 3500HD is GMC’s flagship pickup truck, able to perform heavy-duty tasks with ease.

2018 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2018 Sierra 3500HD

The 3500 HD Sierra leaves no stone unturned in the ongoing quest to make the world’s most capable full-sized pickup truck.

2017 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2017 Sierra 3500HD

The flagship Sierra 3500 HD is one of the most reliable and best-selling full-sized trucks in America.

2016 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2016 Sierra 3500HD

The GMC Sierra 3500HD fully delivers on everything that could ever be desired in a work truck.

2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2015 Sierra 3500HD

A new upper echelon for GMC work duty toughness, the 2015 Sierra 3500HD boasts a high maximum towing weight amount and up to 23,200 pounds in fifth wheel trailing capacity thanks to torquey gasoline and turbo-diesel powerplants.

2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD available WiFi trims

2015 Sierra 3500HD available WiFi

Ruggedness, unsurpassed performance and a lengthy list of options and upgrades as well as available engines, bed sizes and cab sizes earmark the GMC Sierra 3500HD.

2014 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2014 Sierra 3500HD

No longer available in extended cab trim levels, the 2014 GMC Sierra 3500HD is a heavy duty full-size pickup truck that offers maximum power and utility.

2013 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2013 Sierra 3500HD

Relatively unchanged for 2013, the GMC Sierra 3500HD is a heavy duty full-size pickup truck with a maximum towing capacity of 22,600 lbs and DRW trim levels.

2012 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2012 Sierra 3500HD

The top of the line one-ton pickup truck, the 2012 GMC Sierra 3500HD enters the model year still benefiting heavily with either a powerful gasoline engine or a high-torque turbo-diesel power plant.

2011 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2011 Sierra 3500HD

Possessing 20,000 pounds of towing capacity, increased capacities and greater equipment make the 2011 GMC Sierra 3500HD a top workhorse.

2010 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2010 Sierra 3500HD

A full-size one-ton heavy-duty pickup truck, the 2010 GMC Sierra 3500HD is the toughest truck in this lineup and is available with either single or dual rear wheels.

2009 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2009 Sierra 3500HD

For a one-ton pickup truck, the 2009 GMC Sierra 3500HD provides the horsepower and towing capability needed for large jobs.

2008 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2008 Sierra 3500HD

A large 1-ton pickup truck, the 2008 GMC Sierra 3500HD is available as a single or dual rear-wheel model for more towing options.

2007 GMC Sierra 3500HD trims

2007 Sierra 3500HD

The 2007 GMC Sierra 3500HD is large heavy-duty pickup truck that has been redesigned for the new year and is available with single or dual rear wheels.

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About Sierra 3500HD

In 2007, GMC's focus in the heavy-duty truck market was devoted to an all-new one-ton model. A replacement to the conventional 3500-level, the 2007 GMC Sierra 3500HD achieved new level of maximum towing and hauling capacity. A 353-horsepower, 6.0-liter V-8 gasoline provided standard momentum for the Sierra 3500HD while an optional Duramax turbocharged diesel delivered 660 pound-feet of torque. As well as boasting strong performance and a rigid truck backbone of a GMT900-based platform, the 2007 model year Sierra 3500HD also featured technological advantages such as a gasoline engine utilizing Active Fuel Management and standard four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. For 2011, the GMC Sierra 3500HD received an extensive refresh that included a revised front suspension. Developing up to 765-pound-feet of torque, an all-new Duramax 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine allowed a maximum fifth-wheel towing capacity of 21,700 Pounds to be achieved with the one-ton truck. The 2011 model year was also the first time the Sierra 3500HD could be trimmed as a high-end Denali model. The GMC Sierra 3500HD was completely reworked for 2015 with greater emphasis on both brute power and technology.