New and Used 6 Series Prices, BMW 6 Series Model Years and History

BMW 6 Series Models

2019 BMW 6 Series trims

2019 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series sits at the top of luxury sports coupe food chain, right where it belongs.

2018 BMW 6 Series trims

2018 6 Series

The 6 Series is a well-outfitted luxury coupe that delivers an equal mix of power and convenience.

2017 BMW 6 Series trims

2017 6 Series

BMW’s 6 Series is as impressive as it gets for luxury sports coupes.

2016 BMW 6 Series trims

2016 6 Series

The illustrious BMW 6 Series returns for 2016 bigger and better than ever before.

2015 BMW 6 Series trims

2015 6 Series

Available as a two-door, four-door or convertible, the 2015 BMW 6 Series presents athletic bodylines coupled in addition to sophisticated luxury character.

2014 BMW 6 Series trims

2014 6 Series

A RWD luxury coupe available in two door, four door, and convertible trim levels, the 2014 BMW 6 series is newly available with xDrive AWD.

2013 BMW 6 Series trims

2013 6 Series

Adding a four door sedan to its lineup, the 2013 BMW 6 series returns with coupe and convertible trim levels.

2012 BMW 6 Series trims

2012 6 Series

Undergoing a complete refresh of styling as well as technology revision, Coupe and Cabriolet versions of the 2012 BMW 6 Series steps back into the personal luxury category after skipping a model year.

2010 BMW 6 Series trims

2010 6 Series

An aggressively styled luxury sports car, the 2010 BMW 6-Series is available as a coupe or a convertible with both body styles pumping out 360 hp from the 4.8L V8.

2009 BMW 6 Series trims

2009 6 Series

In coupe or convertible form, the 2-door 2009 BMW 6-Series is a luxury sports car that is larger and more powerful than the 1-Series.

2008 BMW 6 Series trims

2008 6 Series

You have to decide between a coupe or a convertible, but either decision leads to 360 hp of driving enjoyment behind the wheel of the 2008 BMW 650, or even more power if you opt for the 500 hp M6 trim.

2007 BMW 6 Series trims

2007 6 Series

A two-door luxury sports car available as a coupe or convertible, the 2007 BMW 6-series is offered as the 360 hp 650i or the jaw-dropping 500 hp M6.

2006 BMW 6 Series trims

2006 6 Series

The 2006 BMW 6-Series luxury sports car, is a two-door vehicle available as a coupe or convertible and the all-new M6 joins the lineup with a 5.0L V10 producing 500 hp.

2005 BMW 6 Series trims

2005 6 Series

The 2005 BMW 6-Series is a luxury two-door sports car with seating for four passengers and it is available as a coupe or a convertible.

2004 BMW 6 Series trims

2004 6 Series

Reviving the 6-Series style, is the all-new 2004 BMW 6-Series a luxury two-door sports car available as a coupe or convertible.

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About 6 Series

First used on a two-door coupe during the 1970s and 1980s, the 6 Series moniker returned to the BMW line-up for the 2004 model year. Based on the same platform as the BMW 5 Series, the 2004 BMW 6 Series also shared many styling cues with the four-door sedan. A 2+2 interior found inside the sporty coupe included automatic climate control and an array of standard airbags. Other standard features found on the 2004 BMW 6 Series included xenon headlights, rain-sensing windshield wipers and 18-inch aluminum wheels. The 2004 BMW 6 Series was introduced as a coupe and convertible equipped with a 4.4-liter V-8 engine developing 325 horsepower.


Three transmission choices were presented on the 2004 model year 6 Series with a six-speed manual, six-speed automatic and a six-speed sequential manual gearbox. In 2006, the BMW M6 model came to life by dropping a 500-horsepower, 5.0-liter V-10 engine into the 6 Series. The base BMW 6 Series received an enlarged V-8 engine for 2006 pumping out 360 horsepower. Provided with a sportier, more sophisticated appearance, the 6 Series was completely redesigned for 2012. The 2012 BMW 6 Series also received a host of technological enhancements including an available 3-D heads-up display along with a Top View camera system. Retaining a V-8 engine option generating 400 horsepower, the 2012 BMW 6 Series was also available with a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine.



The 2012 model year brought the option of the xDrive all-wheel drive system to the V-8 engined models of the BMW 6 Series. Joining the coupe and convertible body style in 2013, a four-door variant of the 6 series was made available called the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.