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Marketing affordable Japanese-branded vehicles in the United States since 1982, Mitsubishi's small sedans have been crucial showcase of the company's technology to a wide customer base. The first Mitsubishi sold stateside was the Tredia with the larger Galant and Mirage introduced later in the 1980s. Turbocharging, electronic power steering and electronically controlled suspension were some eye-catching features installed on some early Mitsubishi sedans. During the 1990s, also sold mid-sized sedans under the Diamante name. Also in the 1990s, Mitsubishi had captivated the world with the Lancer Evolution seen as one of the ultimate sport compact sedans ever produced. Starting in 2003, Mitsubishi finally offered the high-performance Lancer Evolution model in the United States. While the Lancer Evolution is retired, the Lancer currently remains as Mitsubishi leading sedan.