Yerf-Dog UTV For Sale

A well-known name in the UTV industry is that of Yerf-Dog, and for good reason. Established in 1996 as the Yerf-Dog manufacturing company, the company endured the trials of the market until 2005, when they sadly closed their doors and shut down their operations and manufacturing. During that time, BMI Karts bought off the remaining parts, which they used to supply original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to Yerf-Dog vehicles. 

With over one million customers in North America and over 20 million units sold, Yerf-Dog vehicles are known for their reliability, performance, and affordability.

Yerf-Dog CUV Rover

Yerf-Dog’s first mass-produced UTV was called the CUV Rover. The Rover is powered by a 10 hp single cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled engine, mated to a CVT automatic transmission with an easy-to-access dashboard shifter with forward-neutral-reverse gear change. The maximum speed on the Rover is 23 mph depending on the terrain and load. Precision steering comes courtesy of a rack and pinion steering system, and the Rover features rear drum brakes on its 22” wheels. 

The front bench can accommodate both driver and passenger with headrests and retractable 3-point seatbelts. Front and rear hitch receivers are standard, and the Rover can tow up to 565 lbs and a 765-lb total payload. It has front hardened steel bumpers and a passenger brush guard for safety with a 12V accessory outlet and a manual tilt 2-position cargo box. Its extensive features and utilitarian design make it an ideal UTV for most functions.

Yerf-Dog CUV Scout

The Yerf-Dog CUV Scout features the same single-cylinder 10 hp engine as the Rover, paired with the same CVT automatic transmission. The rear of the Scout features an 8 cubic foot steel cargo bed with a 765 lb total payload, and a fold-down tailgate with a durable hinge. The Scout also features retractable seat belts for the driver and passenger, a mechanical rear drum brake, and a steel front bumper. 

Other features include a key lock and start ignition with a dashboard-mounted CDI system for easy access. The parking brake is operated by a mechanical hand pull, and in easy reach on the drivers’ side. With Scout’s 5.5” ground clearance, the CUV Scout can tackle any terrain.

Yerf-Dog CUV Scout Supply

Nearly identical to the standard Scout, the Scout Supply boasts some added features exclusive to the model. Front suspension is an independent A-arm construction with mechanical rear disc brakes on the rear 22” wheels. Apart from the standard safety features like the steel front bumper, there is also a roll cage, passenger brush guard, and a canopy that protects occupants from the elements. A full-length windshield will deflect the wind and other particles, and the Scout Supply even features a heavy-duty front cattle guard. 

Yerf-Dog CUV Camo

The best hunting UTV from Yerf-Dog would be the Yerf-Dog CUV Camo. While a red or yellow CUV might be too eye-catching while hunting in the woods, the CUV Camo seamlessly blends into the backcountry brush in its Mossy Oak camouflage. A 10 hp single-cylinder 150cc engine with a CVT automatic transmission makes up the CUV Camo’s propulsion system. 

The rear cargo bed is equipped with a fold-down tailgate and can be kept in two different positions. The parking brake is located on the drivers’ side, which is slightly different from the other models. Seating is provided by a wide split-bench area with headrests for an easier and comfortable ride. The compact size and its total of 830 lbs of weight make the CUV Camo an ideal UTV to be transported by any full-sized pickup truck with ease. 

Yerf-Dog CUV 421

The Yerf-Dog CUV 421 is a big upgrade in comparison to its other models, and the company put in a lot of work to make this model top-notch and ensure performance that exceeds expectations. The CUV 421 features the same 150cc engine with 10 hp of power and 23 mph maximum speed as its sister models, with a front suspension that features an independent single A-arm construction and a modified swing arm with coil-over shock absorbers in the rear. 

An upgrade from the 8 cubic inch cargo bed is the 9 cubic inch cargo bed made of heavy-duty plastic. Standard on the CUV 421 is a 12V accessory input, manual tilt 2-position cargo bed, front and rear 2” hitch receivers, a dash-mounted engine run hours display, a heavy-duty cattle guard, and a front steel bumper. 

The grille of the CUV 421 is substantially different from the previously mentioned models. Instead of the regular 3-vent piece grille, the 421 model features a more traditional grille, with dual 32-watt single beam headlamps. The turning radius on the CUV 421 is an outstanding 9.5 ft, making it very easy to maneuver and execute tight turns.