UTV Snowblowers For Sale

UTVs are great platforms for many activities and can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, Sport UTVs are for the pure thrill-seekers who thrive on adrenaline. These machines pack powerful engines, tough suspension systems, strong brakes, and exciting performance. 

On the flip side, Recreational UTVs are for those who prefer a slightly slower pace and an increased emphasis on utility. These types of UTVs typically seat up to four passengers, although you can also find six-seaters. 

The utility or work category encompasses UTVs that are built for demanding purposes. These vehicles can often seat up to six people, and many are customizable for a specific use, including farming, ranching, and forest services. They can also be converted in various ways, such as enclosed cargo carriers, temperature-controlled cargo carriers, ambulances, military purposes, and more. 

UTVs can be fitted with various attachments for various purposes, and this article will focus on the snowblower attachment. If you live in an area that receives moderate to high levels of snowfall and has a large area that requires clearing, a snowblower may become essential. 

Let’s outline some of the benefits of owning a UTV snowblower and present some options that are currently available on the market.

Why Should I Get A UTV Snowblower?

There are several reasons why a UTV snowblower is an appealing proposition. It may be more convenient in many cases than a larger option, such as a snowblower mounted to a 4x4 vehicle, pickup truck, or purpose-built vehicle. Some of the reasons include:

  • Versatility — A UTV is more maneuverable than a larger vehicle, as it has a shorter wheelbase and tighter turning radius. This can be a boon in wooded areas. For example, you may have the ability to venture farther and access places you could not with a larger vehicle.
  • Capability — Due to its high ground clearance, 4WD capabilities, and low curb weight, a UTV is far more effective in the snow than traditional vehicles. You will be less likely to sink or dig in and are far more equipped for uneven and undulating terrain than a conventional off-road vehicle fitted with a snowblower.
  • Cost — A snowblower for a UTV is often less expensive than a similar attachment for a larger vehicle, while a purpose-built snowblower truck is often the most expensive option.
  • Power — Snowblower attachments typically require a power source. If your UTV has a Power Take-Off (PTO), this will help to reduce your costs. If your UTV does not have a power source, a powered snowblower attachment is a worry-free solution; you will just need to come out of pocket a bit.
  • Speed — Some UTV snowblower attachments are designed to function properly at up to 15 mph, a fairly decent clip. However, you should pay attention to the speed rating of the snowblower you are purchasing and use it accordingly for maximum efficiency.

Erskine Attachments

Erskine Attachments offer a UTV snowblower that is 60 inches wide that can cast snow up to 20 feet, thanks to a 12-inch auger and 4-blade fan. It is made in the USA from U.S. steel and weighs 210 lb, and is hydraulically operated, so it must be properly equipped with a winch for lift operation. This snowblower requires Erskine’s Hydraulic Power Unit (sold separately) and consists of a 23.5 hp Kohler engine with a hydraulic pump. The manufacturer states that the unit can be kept in the cargo box of your UTV when using the snowblower.


Bobcat is a well-known name when it comes to heavy-duty work vehicles, like tractors, mowers, skid steer loaders, and more. Their snowblower attachment offering is 64.4' inches wide, with a 12-inch auger and a 14-inch fan. It features a hydraulic-powered discharge chute and weighs 404 lb. It is predominantly designed for the Bobcat 3650 UTV, as it does not feature a separate engine. However, it takes its power from the PTO on the UTV.


Massimo’s offering is a 60-inch attachment equipped with a 420cc 13 hp engine and features electric and recoil start with electronic controls and a 5.5-liter gas tank. It uses your existing UTV winch to raise and lower the unit, and it weighs 210 lb. Adjustable skid plates ensure that you don’t damage the surface you are blowing snow away from, and it boasts an integrated strobe light as a warning signal when the snowblower is engaged. Users report that this unit works particularly well with Polaris ATVs, but it can also be used on other brands.


Bercomac has several attachments and snowblower models, including a 66-inch and 72-inch option with electronic controls and a 20-liter gas tank. However, it requires a UTV equipped with a winch of at least 1,000 lbs and a rear hitch with a 2-inch ball. The reason is that the adjustable mounting system goes underneath the UTV to hook up to the hitch. Bercomac states that the mounting system can be attached in minutes for most ATV brands. It has a dolly wheeled frame so that the UTV does not bear a significant amount of the additional weight. They also have smaller snowblowers for ATVs, as well.


We hope that we have provided you with a healthy insight into the world of snowblower attachments for UTVs. Regardless of your purpose, for work or recreation, UTVs are versatile mobility solutions, and a snowblower attachment only adds to their appeal. Good luck!